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:: Saturday, 11 October 2003 ::

Sovereignty Shmovereignty - Wog views of the Syria Israel thing and stuff

If Syria is busy suckling violent Palestinian jackasses on its side of the border and then letting them go out of Syria and into Israel to do their worst then you are interfering with the sovereignty of Israel.

If Israel lobs a bomb on one of your Syrian Palestinian armoury/terror-training camps then that is defence.

Get it, Syria? You are messing with the sovereignty of another nation by harbouring, feeding and then releasing stinking violent pigs.

Right? Your sovereignty has been put at risk by you because of your habits of fostering interference in Israel's sovereignty.

Stop doing that and your sovereignty is not at risk. Keep doing that and it is.

And in Gaza and the West bank? Same applies. Smuggling tunnels in houses.

Do you really think that that is not an interference with Israel? It is.

And immigration is an interference too. Running a country so badly that people flee it, lobbing onto leaky boats that have to get saved by Norwegian ships and then demanding that the Norwegian ship be pointed at Oz, just for one small example, is an interference with the sovereignty of the nation where the fleeing folks end up. It is.

The whole UN 'must respect sovereignty' thing is an absurdity today. Just absurd. There is so much connectivity today between bits of the world that the whole idea cannot be sustained, I reckon. Alls you can hope for is that your own sovereignty is not interfered with - and it won't be, so long as you straighten up and fly right - stop with the fostering of the violence.

And before any left-wing special kiddie blurts me an email about how 'Amerikkka' has been interfering with other people's sovereignty and Britain's colonialism and Oz muscles and blah blah I will put this out there:

after all that interference of the past (and it has been going on for millennia if you think about it), you must be thick as to be still running a fucked country. I mean, you gotta be bobbing and weaving out of the way of good ideas to be a fucked country these days. You gotta be making some lousy choices these days. Cos it is not as though you have not come across folks from countries that are not fucked, and had a chance to see what it is about them that makes them not fucked. After all, they were interfering with you - interfering with your sovereignty.

Property rights, intellectual property rights, no corruption (including transparent business and transparent participatory democracy), separation of church and state and the rule of law, that last one now including the big category of rounding up terrorists so they cannot terrorise.

These are the big deal ideas that will turn any country into a non-fucked country.

Syria cannot get to grips with the no corruption. The Palestinians cannot either. The Iraqis couldn't. The Iranians cannot get to grips with the separation of church and state.

Fucked countries. And they are trouble for everyone. And their sovereignty is not something that should stop us non-fucked country folks from caring enough to make 'em better.

Cos if we stop caring, well.....what? You know whatever it is, it will involve violent jackassery.

:: WB 4:19 pm [link+] ::

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