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:: Sunday, 19 October 2003 ::

Terry Lane. Priceless. If by priceless you mean .02 cents worth o' junk

This opinion piece is right up with Adams's dirge posted about below.

- everyone knows Oz is in more peril now because of our relationship under Howard with Bush, more peril than Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Switzerland face, nations which do not have the same relationship with Bush.

- Muslim extremists are not motivated by envy of American success and prosperity. Instead they "hate America because of its arrogant neo-colonial, imperialist ambitions to rule the world. And also because of its unqualified support of Israel with its concomitant humiliation of its Islamic neighbours".

- Oz would be safer if it treated America with a certain wary disdain.

- since everybody knows all this, how come 70% of folks do not act by distancing themselves from the US? After all, NZ has, etc etc. And everyone knows the US does not care about Oz.

Terry Lane. A man who thinks Sept 11 were undertaken by folks who are rational. A man who thinks the best thing for Oz to do about those rational Muslim extremists (read 'islamofascist violent venal misogynist jackass thugs') is to stay the heck away from whatever they are gonna bomb next. That means America.

Bali. It happened in Oct last year. The press has been filled with anniversary material.

It happened to us way before Iraq.


Lane must therefore be saying that Oz deserved Bali because we were a sychophantic ally of the US back in 2002. Timor could not have caused Bali, or been a cause. Nooo. And them planes that went into the Sept 11 buildings and earth, they were flown by Chileans and Vietnamese furious at America's neo-colonial arrogance. Ooops. No. And we deserve more Balis while ever we are an American ally who does not behave like NZ and Costa Rica.


The man is a disgraceful man. I know it is his opinion. He can have it, but he can shove it. Cos it is not well thought out at all. It is blurted out. Does he even hear how he blames Oz for Bali. I'll bet he does not. But it is there, bald as brass (to coin a wogism).

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