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:: Sunday, 9 November 2003 ::

14 Turks on a Boat

25 words or less - people smugglers paddle 14 wogs on a boat all the way from Indonesia to Melville Island where, just before landing, or having landed or something, the boat is got by 3 Oz naval vessels, big ones I think or maybe not, whatever, and towed or escorted back to Indonesia.


Not over here.

Notice how little the boat was? Like a change of tack is going on at people smuggling Indonesia HQ, like "Hmmm. The big boats with the sinking is not working for our business. Let's try to adapt to the market difficulties we face, which is that our destination market has rather loudly stated it does not want to play. Let's get a little boat through and then can advertise that success and build up our profile again and get more business."

Cos it is a business.

A stinking illegal business built on lies told to 14 Turks about how they can get 'em into Oz.

Nice try. The Minsiter, she is chubby. But she moved like greased lightning to get Melville out of Migration Zone.

I am sounding like a wog booster for stopping wogs into the country, eh? A perverse wog-hating wog.


Have a look at the other way of looking at this fact situation (and there is only one other way and that is Labor's way. Cos the Green way of endless compassion for wogs is idiotic, cos it is like giving the finger to every wog who is here legitimately. A fact which the Greens will never understand because deep down, wogs for them are not people. They are hive minds with nice food. Suffocating patronising toerags, the Greens, who play favorites with wogs, and right now their favorites are Iraqis and Afghanistanis especially unauthorised arrivals. I say, if you hold yourself out as caring about wogs, you have to care about us as people, and not play favorites and not gloss over the bad stuff of which there is, natch, plenty).

Labor's Shadow Attorney-General Robert McClelland:

LAURIE OAKES: You don’t think that Australians will be pleased that these people are gone? That they didn’t land in Australia?

ROBERT MCCLELLAND: I think to be frank, in the general community that would be an issue – they would say well, that’s – that’s a good outcome. But what we’ve got to look at is the future, and in particular Amanda Vanstone has effectively said by excising the islands, the target now becomes Australia’s mainland – in this case about another two hours sailing would have got them to Darwin or its vicinity.

So what we say is, it’s no use saying you can’t protect your borders, as Amanda Vanstone has effectively said. We’re saying what you really need is a full-time dedicated coast guard to patrol the massive beat we have around our country.

LAURIE OAKES: But she’s also said there are hundreds of vessels this side ducking between Australia’s islands on ordinary business all the time. I think she said 500 sightings a month. Now how’s – how’s a coast guard going to tackle that?

ROBERT MCCLELLAND: Well, quite frankly we’ve got to. I mean, these boats could be carrying drugs; they could be carrying arms. They could be at the behest of people-smugglers. Indeed, they could be carrying terrorists. To say to a boatload look, if you’re a terrorist and you want to come into the country come in to one of the small islands to the north of Australia, because we really can’t protect it, is quite frankly surrender.

His thesis?

1. The target is now Oz because the earlier territory, the islands, is in the no-migration zone, so landing there is nice, if you want to look at birds but not if you want a new car in a nice house with a job in the second greatest country on earth. So the Indonesian people smuggley guys will chug along for 2 more hours to Oz.

The target is always Oz. With a no-migration zone or not. Nothing has changes. Oz is better than Indonesia.

2. We are admitting we cannot police the water of the no-migration zone, because if we could police it, it would not need to be a no-migration zone. We'd simply get the boats before they land....and presumably tow 'em back to Indonesia....just like...oh, nevermind.

And anyway, if the Turks get to Island one, and there is no no-migration zone in place, then they get rights. This is precisely what way majority Oz citizenry does not want to happen. No rights for getting here. Entry to Oz is not as insignificant as stealing home plate. Or tagging someone. Jeez. It is a serous business and it can and is achieved by thousands every year as refugees. Who fly in.

3. There could be guns, drugs and terrorists on some boats, so it is important not to give up on the policing of the waters and Labor will have coastguard kings to do this.

Well, a no-migration zone is not going to stop Oz citizenry expecting that the gunrunning drug running boats also do not get through. Walking and chewing gum at the same time is something we rather expect of our politicos and if they cannot do that, they do not get our votes.

McLelland is no insane Green zealot. Read the whole thing, cos I've just taken a chunk. Is he worth a vote? Nup.

:: WB 1:57 am [link+] ::

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