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:: Sunday, 16 November 2003 ::

Blogging off for a couple of weeks

The pointless blast that killed Italians and Iraqis has pretty much tipped me right over the edge.

Yes, Italians matter to me more than others. G'uh. I am Italian.

Australians matter to me more too. Bali matters a lot to me. G'uh. I am Australian.

And this sounds to me about right:

Al-Qaeda has certainly reached out its long arm recently in this bloody Ramadan, what with the bombing in Istanbul, the attack on Italian headquarters in Iraq, and the attack in Riyadh. I'd like to ask antiwar folks this question: don't you think we should be fighting these guys who are going around sowing terror and hate? Or should we bail out now, leave Iraq in the lurch, let Saddam take over again, and then deal with the consequences of a tremendous loss of American credibility? That's what we've got for choices, guys, and you know in your hearts that somebody's got to stomp terrorist gangs and rogue states right now before they do another Istanbul or Riyadh or 9-11. I hate to have to say this because some of our people are going to get killed fighting the enemy. And some more innocent Iraqis are going to get killed in the crossfire. All I can say is I wish that weren't true. But, it's tragic to say, their deaths now will save maybe millions in the future if this actually winds up working, with a democratic and peaceful and stable Iraq as the beacon for the rest of the Middle East.

Cose Turche has quality coverage and so do other Italian bloggers. Hit links at left.

Here in Oz everything is as usual. The left wing has its head firmly up its arse. That goes for its journalists too, who are universally incompetent at reporting and who sadly fill the Fairfax pages, and on the topic of unauthorised arrivals, the Aus too.

They think standing on a boat yelling 'refugee' is some sort of valid application for asylum. Simple minded. Let's take it to it's conclusion then, shall we?

What does NOT yelling 'refugee' mean? Having fled persecution in Turkey and landed away from persecution in Indonesia, what does it mean not to seek asylum?

Does it mean you do not need it? I guess it must do, by the left's own definition. Cos if you needed asylum, well, you'd need it everywhere, right? And you'd say so, right? Until the persecution risk had ceased, right? And by definition to not seek refuge means you are safe.

So, 14 Turk blokes saying 'refugee' in friggin' Martin Place, Sydney, having not said 'refugee' anywhere between Turkey and Oz, ie not said it in Indonesia at least, must have cut their own trail of persecution into pieces.

They must, by definition, no longer be persecuted and in need of refuge. Their applications likely to fail.

See, that is what the left does. It suffocates wogs by the left's own forceful patronising idiocy. Someone should have told these wogs to seek refuge in Indonesia first, get turned down (as they would be cos the Indonesians do not play the compassion game.....Timor....) and THEN and only then seek refuge in Oz.

If they cut their own trail of persecution, is it any wonder Oz citizenry looks at 14 Turks as just 14 blokes demanding something from us that they have no right to get? That they are just after nice Oz life? Everyone knows and understands viscerally that that is what these 14 blokes were after. And natch they want it - it is great.

But painting it as some flight from persecution and need for asylum, for refuge, is tactically appalling. It is a position supported by Greens and by soft-in-the-head compassion junkies who never met a wog they didn't like to think of as needy.

14 Turks turned away. Thanks very much Carmen Lawrence. How does it feel to be such a user?

See you when I calm down about the jackasses who killed the carabinieri. What the fuck for, eh? For nothing.


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