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:: Monday, 10 November 2003 ::

Marking Time [, M, PIC: Frequent coarse language, drug use and adult themes]

Hal's relationship with Randa is becoming more intimate. He decides it's time to introduce her to the Brackley crowd. September 11 has a profound effect on the town. CAST: Abe Forsythe, Elena Carapetis, Bojana Novakovic

Ha ha ha ha ha ha..........ahhh...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!.....ahhhhh.



This is the funniest bullshit Oz artz experience you will ever see all year. I totally tell you.

It is incredible.

"Do you have Santa?"

"No, we have Ramadan. A spiritual time, of fasting."

[Uncomfortable silence]

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ahhhh.

And the only wog they could find to play the Afghani girl ... is a Serb

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... HA!


Wogs are all purpose in the ABC World.

And Sept 11 is no big deal either. The Americans deserved it, don'tcha know, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a redneck warmonger drunken yob or rightwing tightarsed horror. And liberated nations well, they hardly count now, do they?

God help us. Our tax dollars peddling PC rubbish that would make a Greenie weep. But no thinking person.

At the outset, the town and the country are intoxicated with the spirit of the Olympics, and the Centenary of Federation. Hal gets his licence, first car, the right to drink, the right to vote, and falls in love with Randa, a young Afghani refugee. But there is a shifting of consciousness in the town and the nation about refugees, border protection and their place in the world. Hal's heart is broken when he realises that his town is one in which he no longer belongs. MARKING TIME is the coming of age of a boy and a nation.

How about:
MARKING TIME is the coming of age of an insufferably patronising wanker who likes a bit of Muslim gash.

Too crude?

I know.

Ha ha ha ha ha ....HA!

The Aghan dad is played by a Polish man.

And he does a good job too, as does the girlie, with an appallingly juvenile script.

One more time for the hard of thinking. Secure borders is good. Temporary Visas are good. And temporary. Refugee status can change depending on what's goin' on back at the place you fled from to begin with. And country Australia is not an embarrassing hicksville of dags and yobs.

There are plenty of wogs there.

And some of them, brace yourselves Greenies, are not here as refugees.

Christ almighty. The lack of nuance is worthy of a Robert Manne, Phillip Adams, Margaret Pomeranz, John Howard (the Good One), Judy Davis etc etc.

Election Day. There's no doubt how this electorate is gonna go. I've no choice but to vote for the Greenies.

Gi fa.

Oh, and the car the teen boy lead buys? His first car?

A Mazda 121.


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