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:: Sunday, 28 December 2003 ::

Fabulist continues to slander country

Tony Kevin is continuing to slander Oz as being ultimately responsible for the deaths of all those poor bastards willingly sardined onto a lousy boat in Indonesia that sank on its way to Oz. He insists that Oz folks were engaged in training Indonesians in 'disruption' activities - by which he means Oz folks taught ignorant Indonesians, with no knowledge of searafaring (cos they're just little wogs, how could they know how to knobble boats?) to knobble the boat so it would sink - and he insists that Oz folks willfully looked the other way while it did sink so there would be no rescue of drowining folks.

That is Tony Kevin's thesis.

Oz folks made little Indonesian wogs knobble the boat and Oz folks deliberately left the poor bastards who'd paid to get on the (unknown to them) knobbled boat to die in the waters between Indonesia and Oz.

The Oz govt stinks, is Tony Kevin's thesis.

Not the Egyptian prick who organised it all.

Not the Indonesians who Kevin thinks actually did the knobbling of the boat.

And the certainly not the poor bastards who should never have boarded the freakin' boat to start with - just Oz.

See, Tony Kevin is like David Marr and like Marian Wilkinson and Robert Manne and Phillip Adams and Alison Broinowski and Carmen Lawrence and Julian Burnside SMD et al - they only give a shit about skippies.

Wogs simply do not feature on their collective radar. Wogs feature simply as a glump of humanity on the ground that needs their help.

"Hi Ho Silver, Away" that is the rallying cry of Tony Kevin. Or more aptly, "There, there woggys, leave everything to me."

He is a fabulist, as Prof Bunyip calls him.

He has not saved a single life, he as not thwarted a single people smuggler from coming to Oz, he has not lifted even his voice to stave off the shitful lies that are peddled by Indonesia and the people smugglers to the wilfully ignorant-illegal entry-to-Oz clientele.

But he ponces 'round like he's saving Oz from a terrible stink.

'This is Oz's Voyager.' God help us.

It is Tony Kevin's windmill.

:: WB 3:43 pm [link+] ::

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