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:: Saturday, 31 January 2004 ::

Chris Pearson reveals some stuff about Latham and Labor I did not know.
Apparently just about everyone in the Labor Party hates everyone else's guts.

And Latham hates most everyone and most of all.

See, Foxtel has been running 'Labor in Power' and that brings back awful memories of how the Labor government of the day, Keating's, was a hotbed of hate and sniping and backstabbing and lies and propaganda.

It was a godawful government presiding over a period of just pure whitebread Fitzroy/Balmain rubbish.

Republic, Sorry, yartz, high interest rates, environment, evil Liberals, blah blah.

But somehow that whole period seems kinda benign relative to today.

Back then, there was no war on terror to leave us all shitting ourselves that some wog freaks are gonna pour out of a mosque and try to put blankets on all the girlies' heads, kill all the poofs and start making folks work Saturday to Wednesday with no law Sharia law to govern life (what is the Sharia position on rainforests, I wonder?)

Back then there was no Mideastern illegal entry into Oz.

There was no Mideastern terrorism of the NY, Washington, Riyadh, Ankara variety.

Labor's internecine nonsense was pointless and disgusting but not harmful in a serious way.

But you can't vote for that now, can ya? Times are too serious.

You can't have a 42 year old skippy in charge of this country, who has never had a real job in his life. Straight out of schools to Spewni, to politics.

Jeebus, wept, eh? Never had a real job in his life.

Howard at least worked as a suburban solicitor. But even if he had not done so, Oz voters did not give him the gig til there was a level of comfort that he knew how things work in Canberra and internationally.

He will be led by his instinctive hatred of Bush, if Bush makes it back into the Whitehouse (not a given I will grant you).

I reckon a vote for Latham is a vote to become more like New Zealand than ever before.

I do not think Latham believes that there really is a war on terror that deserves to be fought.

I would like to be proven wrong, but he's so busy rabbitting on with his politics of envy nonsense (I know he calls it aspirational but it's crap - no one needs Latham to tell them they would like to have more in their lives. Sheesh. Nanny.) that who knows where he stands on protecting us from terrorists here and abroad.

Oz folks travel. A terrorist in Europe or Stateside or Bali is a big a threat to us as at home.

What's Latham gonna do to protect us?

:: WB 8:15 pm [link+] ::

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