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:: Sunday, 11 January 2004 ::

Latino, Hispanic, etc. Wogs all. But not a hive mind.

Bin pondering the thing in the US with the Bush proposal to allow legal status to be granted to persons who are currently not authorised to be living and working Stateside but who are and have been living and working Stateside for quite some time.


Wogs mostly from Mexico but also from Guatemala, Honduras, Panama etc etc.

Wogs working and who, if they had authority to be doing what they are doing, then then they can be working and getting the benefit of labour laws and the responsibility of participationg in the tax system, and their current employers can get the irits finding it is harder to exploit their fear of the INS to achieve under minimum-wage pay.

All that.

Now, plenty of wogs of the same background are Stateside quite legally. How are they gonna feel about this deal? Are they gonna think it is a reward to folks who have acted without authority, who have acted illegally for ages? Are they gonna think it is a good thing for Hispanics in general.

See, much press has decided that the whole Bush thing is a cynical ploy to win Latino votes. Get them Hispanic votes, man.

As if Latinos are a hive mind. As if a Guatemalan wakes in the morning and says to himself, "me why I am no better than a Mexican, or a Paraguayan, we are all brothers, we Hispanics, all the same".


That would be like imagining a Slovenian wakes and thinks that way about Austrians, Italians and Croats.

I don't think so.

I reckon the whole deal is a good deal. But not for some wog based thing. Cos wogs don't need help to get along.

No. For the safety thing. Draw a line in the sand. Know who your folks are. Invite them all to participate. And then get them in the census. Like we went through in Oz recently.

Then, when we all know who we are, and when we are all sure we are invited to participate in society (we as in US but it goes for everywhere) then we can know who the enemy is. Easier.

Safety will be that much easier.

:: WB 3:42 am [link+] ::

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