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:: Wednesday, 11 February 2004 ::

Let us blog the 7.30 report, eh?

First report about free trade - editorialising from an economics 'reporter' opening with the free trade agreement as a Howard wedge (wha'??), concluding with a sad defeated note, that the free trade agreement with the US will probably go ahead.

Second report about some Palestinian dickhead on Manus Island in detention still cos he won't stop appealing his unsuccessful "refugee" claim and he is all alone there, so tax dollars spent per detainee are huge. No apology from Amanda Vanstone, who says the Palestinian could have made his claim in Indonesia but he chose not to, even though he has no right to choose Oz over Indonesia and the off-shore stuff is what has stopped people smuggling to Oz and it works so it is money well spent. Shoot to Labor goon saying blah blah blah 'we will not be paying Nauru and Manus Islands', we will let them in and incarcerate them in South Australia and blah blah. And who is the Palestinian's lawyer? Eric Vardalis. Baktiari boys - amemba? Loser. That Palestinian ain't going nowhere with incompetent legal representation of that sort.

Third report about a Palestinian female would-be suicide bomber, now in prison, and all she reads in her precious Koran wearing her stupid veil while Israeli guards have to listen to her tell them how when she leaves she's gonna blow herself up. I say give the stupid moll a grenade and get it over with oin her cell. I got no time for that osrt of unthinking predestioned violence.

Next report, crocodile hunting in the Northern Territory by Aboriginal folks. One cool guy saying 'they are not really good for nothing, so we wanna hunt 'em on accounta how we've hunted 'em for ever'. I agree, sir. And then, oh dear, the welfare of the croc is paramount and economic gain is not enough on its own and blah blah from the RSPCA. Well. How about some Aboriginal cultural activity getting limited ie 25 crocs per hunter, support, to cull the freaky lizards and manage their population a bit.

All in all, usual editorialising passing for reporting, unbalanced treatment of illegal immigration matters. Kid glove treatment of disgusting Palestinian cult of death.

And closing with a humourous piece about crocs, when in fact that piece of all of them really raises a serious matter - what do you do when culture rubs up against animal rights nutters. Not grappled with here but. Oh well.

And then an ad for a show on later about Margaret Thatcher. What do you reckon? Hagiography? Nope. Balanced view? No siree. Antiantianti screed? You betcha.



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