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:: Saturday, 14 February 2004 ::


This whole superannuation business with Fatheaded Lardarse Latham and Howard, who has started talking for too long when he answers questions (you noticed?), is making me nauseous. Or maybe its the 800 Codrals I'm taking daily.


Fixing the super is terribly important for Latham. And Howard has adopted it for incoming parliamentarians but not retrospectively and not for judges.

Why has this happened? Because political folks like Bill O'Chee for the Nationals and Natasha Stott Despoja for some party no one can remember, are super young folks who can retire and get over $50k a year for the rest of their lives. And that's not the kinda support regular folks outside politics can get.

So it is all to do with parliamentarians not being entitled to better conditions than regular folks.

Latham's policy is to even out super for polis and regular folks. Get it to be more like the arrangements for regular folks.

Okeedokie. But what next? Rostered days off and overtime payments? Wouldn't put it past Labor but anyway.

Typically for a bloke who has never had a job, Latham does not understand how wages and super interact. Howard does, which is why he is not intending to apply this stupid super thing to judges, and why he was bleating about how wages for polis are low relative to the private sector and that is why entitlements are high.

Latham would not know or understand that the really talented folks of this earth work in private. Barristers who are way better than judges, don't seek a bench appointment because quite frankly, the pay is lousy and you have to get to the end before the entitlements kick in.

I am not at all surprised Latham would bother us with this super business - the usual Labor disgust at the mere thought that someone somewhere might be doing a good job and getting ahead in life perfectly legally. Yes, even where that someone is a politician. Or a judge.

He might like to life is some stinking Westie hole but some of us out here are actually aspirational, instead of just theoretically so like Lardarse.

This just stinks. I accept Howard's rationale - get this crap subject off the agenda now. But jeez, it just makes me puke.

And where is the quid pro quo argument for Labor to stop its freaking rorts with that lease business I forget about?

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