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:: Saturday, 28 February 2004 ::

This gives me the shits. And so does this.

Via Prof Bunyip and Tim Blair and the Gnu Hunter - these two items say a lot - a steaming pile, actually - about the State of Play in Glorious Oz.

And the State of Play is this:
Muslim whining about perceived but non-existent victimhood in Oz 1 v indifferent skips and wogs just going about their business occasionally noticing how freaking freaky their Muslim neighbours actually are 0.

Why do I reckon the Muslim folks are winning?

Cos they are the only ones playing.

No one gives a shit about Hilaly and Trad or any Muslim folks anywhere in this wide brown land.

Not a shit.

Unless and until one of 'em does something really offensive. Like fail to unabiguously condemn terrorism as practices by Muslim folks, as well as others.

Like suing some pastor for his maybe impolite review of the Koran.

Just be grateful the Pastor has a copy of the Koran in his hand - he is that much closer to reading about, understanding and maybe respecting Muslim faith.

And just be grateful that here in Oz you cannot be deported as an Oz citizen, even though the remarks made in the Lebanon are clearly unAustralian because they put your faith above the nation.

Hilaly should hold a press conference and say he was taken out of context and then go on to say that every one of the blokes involved in Sept 11 is in hell for their calculated murder and their debasing a great faith.

And the whiners in Vic complaining about the Pastor should withdraw their complaint, saying they were offended by the pastor's words, and they feel that starting the action was enough to make their views known, but they do not see the value of the law if it would cause the pastor to be imprisoned.

That way they each save wog face, but they get out of their own stupid mess.

Swear to God, mates, these blokes keep up the whole 'I am muslim before anything else' thing and might very well be time to......to......o mo Go' I am gonna type it....write a play! Get a gumment grant and write a play called:

"How come wogs in Oz, 'cepting for Muslim wogs but, are not fucked? Oh right. Because they do not behave in a fucked fashion. G'uh."

Reckon I could clear some handy cash for that multiculti theatre experience.

Stupid Muslim wog men idiots.

Thank Jeebus for these wogs - they get it. It is possible to be a wog in Oz and be real tied up in your wogness, but not allow it to run your life to the point where you want to the whole country overrun by folks who think just like you!

Love the Tiboldis.

Favourite line:

"Coff's Harbour has the Big Banana. And Goulburn has the Big Merino. Here's hoping Werribee does not catch on."

Ahh. I feel better now.

UPDATE: That did not last long. Now I am unhappy again. From Snoop D in Milano I get alerted to this. I really do think someone needs to whack this guy.

Smith, I mean.

Not the Pope.

Not this Pope.

:: WB 11:59 pm [link+] ::

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