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:: Saturday, 6 March 2004 ::

Arab Big Brother

Like, O Mi Go', would you not so watch that? Man, I would. Hilarious, I reckon. And educational too. How much tea do Arabs really consume in an average day. What sort of bodies do Arab girlies have under their blankets. Are Arab men actually respectful towards their girlies or not.

Is there a difference in the behaviour of Arab Muslim men and Arab Christian men.

Etc Etc.

Plus there would surely be some very very good lookings folks on that show. So, eye candy, educational, multicultural. What could be betta?

Well, sadly it ain't gonna be coming to a teevee anytime soon cos the mad mullahs of Bahrain (or whatever, Islam First elected officials or something) have caused it be stopped. Apparently they were horrified at the depravity of seeing a Saudi guy running around with glee declaring he had made it into the girlie quarters.

Mahmood in Bahrain has been tracking the developments, and other developments too. Like this nonsense about closing cinemas, and this about introducing Sharia Law to Bahrain, and this about how, if you like cinema and Arab Big Brother and Formula 1 racing and other fun then you must be 'morally corrupt'.

I have done the links with the comments thread so we can enjoy the cut and thrust of thinking in a little bit of Arabia.

Interesting to me is the appearnace of a commenter who takes the line, in essence, that the Islam First guys are not a threat to anyone and if you just talk to them you will see that they are actually great guys and there are not too many of them anyway in the gumment so there is no need to worry about them having real influence.

Mahmood disagrees - he is quietly alarmed about their influence - and I think Mahmood is right.

Letting crazy backwoods folks like Islam Firsters (by which I do not mean all Muslims so do not bother me with wrongheaded emails) just keep on keeping on, without challenging them, without complaining about their backwoodsness, is a blunder.


Cos their agenda is real change for the worst.

Bahrainis are just far away wogs. And nearly every one of them can handle having Arab Big Brother produced in Bahrain and screened there too. Most Arabs in the MidEast can handle the show too. Some will not be able to handle it. There will the traditional embarrassing MidEast riot/demonstration made up of all men, shouting and jumnping, like we see very night on the news (do you turn the volume down, cos I sure do - cannot stand that shouting).

But most are sane. Not nuts.

The nuts ones have to be called out.

And it is naive and misguided to imagine they can be left alone. They are malevolent. They believe in girlies being oppressed and that, readers, is just not on.

End of screed. Mahmood covers it best.

:: WB 1:17 am [link+] ::

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