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:: Saturday, 6 March 2004 ::

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has notched an important early victory in his campaign against a US initiative to democratise Arab countries, as Washington ally Italy said no solution can be imposed on the region from outside


Who says anyone, US Italy or Oz or other, is going to impose democracy on the MidEast. For cryin' outta loud, the Afghans have got themsleves a consitution, and the Iraqis are about to get one (fingers crossed). Neither was imposed. Both have been enthusiastically created and settled by locals.

The opportunity for both sure did come about by an imposed action - military action by the US and its allies.

But the democracy itself is homegrown.

No doubt about that. And nothing controversial about it either. If Berlusconi notes that democracy needs to be homegrown well, g'uh.

The US initiative aims to encourage democratic and economic reform in the Arab world and other Muslim countries in a bid to deprive international extremists of the reservoir of frustration and poverty they thrive on for support.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which are both allies of the US, have criticised the initiative, fearing Washington wants to impose its own cultural model on the region. Mubarak believes the problems of bringing democracy to a complex region of diverse but interlinked cultures is fraught with problems.

Well, g'uh it is fraught with problems. Jackass leadership in the MidEast for the past, say, thirty years, has let growing numbers of the populations to violently demonstrate against the West, burning flags, and effigies of Western leaders and generally getting completely outta control with the screaming and the jumping, to the point where now a bunch of blokes have confused their disgraceful behaviour over the past 3 decades with some sort of cultural practice.

Welll, it ain't a cultural thing to deny women rights and and jump and scream about killing Westerners.

It is a dirty bad habit.

How do I know it ain't culture.

Well, g'uh, cos the West - continental Europe and a goodly bit of the US and Oz too, used to treat women very poorly and used to be violent societies. And they are way less so now.

Mubarak's wee toury to visit folks is to declare his worry about possible imposed democracy coming to his world. What we can really see, but, is a man who likes his bad habits and does not want to change 'em.

Well, heck. Change is not the end of the world. It is just the end of the bad habits.

And we really need an end to the bad habits.

:: WB 1:51 am [link+] ::

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