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:: Saturday, 6 March 2004 ::

It is all about me.

Hazem el Masri is not a rapist.

Until some court proves he is a rapist, the man is simply not a rapist. He is a fine league player, a good husband, a good son and ever so easy on the eye.

Some of his teammates might be rapists. Or they may not be. The fact they are his teammates does not reflect badly on hazem - unless he was covering up for them. But again, he has not covered up for them. If they were off doing their worst, they were doing it without him.

Poor man might have played league with some blokes who raped some women.

That is the worst you can say about Hazem.

But he is also so far up himself he thinks it beneath his dignity to walk into a police station and cooperate in an investigation into pack rape alleged to have been committed by some of his teammates at the Bulldogs league club at a time when they were together at some hotel.

He thinks it beneath him, he thinks it an affront, that a police investigation into the allegations should be carried out thoroughly, which includes thoroughly assessing his DNA and, hopefully, thoroughly removing him as a suspect in the rape case.

Bad move, wog.

Bad move.

Lebanese blokes in Sydney have not just had some bad press.

They have made some bad press.

For themselves.

El Masri is a top bloke. Skilled, reliable, honourable (til right about now). He is a vision of top wogness in Oz. And now he is using his wogness to excuse himself from participating in an investigation that is bigger than him. That is not about him.

It is not defamatory, it does not injure his reputaiton, to be a participant of or even the subject of a police investigation.

And El Masri's lawyer, Adam Houda, knows that - or he should - he is a lawyer after all.

To argue that this whole sordid episode is an injury to El Masri's reputation is so far out on the spiral arm it is difficult to know just how to counter it.

But what would be if you did not even try. You have to try.

Okay. So here goes:

- life in the big city involves police work and community participation in it. When the police do their work the community is expected to cooperate and the police are expected to conduct themselves within the bounds of the law - so far so simple;

- refusing to cooperate with the police in an investigation does not augur well for the police being able to root out crime (pun intended) and the refuser's refusal will be seen by the community as, at worst, an indicator of guilt, or at least, an indicator that the subject thinks himself above the law - in either case it is an indicator that the subject is a wanker.

- the police have to investigate and they cannot be hamstrung by threats of defamation claims against them for carrying out their duties - if that was the state of the law then there would be no police work ever, because ever suspect or participant in an investigation would be able to sue - the law is not so stupid as to let that situation arise;

- going to the cop shop and talking to police is not much different to going to the cop shop and talking to police and giving them a DNA sample; yet El Masri whines about doing the former and flat out refuses to do the latter.

- El Masri, acting on his lawyer's advice, has done himself and his Lebanese community a grave disservice by whining and acting so offended and so highhanded about the DNA.

The man is being asked to participate in a gang rape allegation involving his own league club. And he finds the whole thing disgusting.

Well, take it up with your league buddies, Hazem - theya re the reason for you being so 'humiliated'.

Muslim, Catholic, or other is not the issue.

My Ma has not been asked to give a DNA swab cos she does not play rugby league for the Bulldogs.

El Masri has been asked because he does play rugby league for the bulldogs.


The man is a wanker. It is all about him. His community desparately needs some good press. Needs a high profile Lebanese wog to act like they respect Oz law enough to participate freely in a police investigaiton about something as serious as a gang rape allegation involving elite sportsmen from a popular league club.


Vain wog.

:: WB 3:41 pm [link+] ::

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