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:: Sunday, 18 July 2004 ::

I had forgotten how verbose Kim Beazley is.
He has been on the Sunday show on Channel 9 and on Compass on the ABC. I think with the former the interview was done post his appointment to the ALP's front bench. But re compass it was definitely recorded before that change.
How do I know?
Because he was introduced as a former Minister of Defence.
And because he was remarkably free with his negativity towards the US. Sample? "Iraq and Afghanistan have been completely botched".
Tell that to the Afghans returning home having fled in terror of the Talibanners. And while you are at it tell it to the Iraqis flooding back into their country having fled it while Saddam was still in power with his awful sons waiting to keep the dream alive.
Afghanistan and Iraq are not completely botched. They were each of them complete disasters - ecomonically and culturally - before the interventions. How do I know? Because folks were fleeing from there. Folks only flee lousiness. Not goodness. It is a simple rule and worth remembering.
Now, they are fledgling democracies. Election in Afghanistan in September. One in Iraq before January.
Afghanistan is a basketcase outside Kabul, I have read, and the poppy growing business is back with a vengeance following the lost grip of the Talibanners, who, in the only policy of theirs with which I agree wholeheartedly, treated drugs as banned substances. So, the Taliban should never have been molested by the West? Do not be retarded.
The Taliban fools refused to give up Osama and Mullah Omar, the idiots. They worked on a bluf and it got called.
Iraq is a huge country making billions a day in oil revenue and racked in parts by pointless ceaseless violence engaged in by retarded folks who do not approve of Saddam's removal. So, Saddam should never have been molsted by the West? Gi. Fa.
Saddam refused to come clean about his weapons status. He led us all a merry dance and we were left relying on intelligence from intelligence agencies around the world, and it has been revealed to be quite flawed gear. But what other gear was there to work on? Saddam was acting for all the world like a jackass who had weapons, and every intelligence agency in the world believed he had them and had some weak intelligence to support that idea.
2+2=4, and the war was 100% Saddam's fault.
Just another mad dictator trying to bluff the West.
Who lost.
I wish Beazely would have said something along the lines of the following. Violent terrorism is a serous threat and acting on intelligence is the best we can. It is better than acting without any intelligence at all. The key lesson to learn is to improve intelligence.
Instead we get a narky nonsense about 100% failure that is plainly not true.
He always was verbose. Now I am thinking he is wrong.
Bummer cos Bomber is a likeable guy.

:: WB 5:56 am [link+] ::

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