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:: Tuesday, 6 July 2004 ::


I have bin away from blogging.

And while I was away, we got a new Interim Iraqi Government. Rock an' roll, Iraqis.

Italy was robbed in the Euro.....by themselves, you understand, but robbed nevertheless. And do not argue with me. Harrumph.

Latham has behaved like an arse.

The wogs, all of them, even the third (but specially her...urgh), got booted off Oz Big Brother quick smart cos they were all just crazy bad. No polite way of putting it, I am afraid. Just awful people, dontcha reckon? I would be ashamed but I am not - I am delighted they are off and we can let the skippies roam free and do what they do best -be fabulous. Love the skippies.

Robert Fisk has outed the Iraqi judge hearing Saddam's trial even though he was aksed not to. Turd.

Manboobs Al Sadr has given up his idiot mafia inspired insurgency in Iraq.

Oz has gotten its tax cuts and baby bonuses and the Labor Party has declared Oz citizens too stupid to know what to do with their money. Oh ya, smart.

And Media Watch has remained the domain of a partisan poof hack.

How about this bullshit from Marr on Monday night all about that stupid Brit crockumentary aired by the ABC saying the Oz government left Oz folks to die in Bali knowing the bombing at the Sari club was going to happen.


That's Alexander Downer's way of looking at it, of course. And his opinion matters. But you have to say it would take superhuman detachment for him to be a fair judge of any documentary about the tragedy. The Minister for Foreign Affairs is after all a central figure in that story.

Gi fa, ya lemon lipped queen. The Superhuman effort is for the ABC to police its own biases, as we have seen them try and fail to do over and over again.

And this:

And that's just the place for the Minister to make his case: in public. He was free to bag that BBC doco on radio and television across the land if he wished. It's called debate.

Ya. If by "debate" you mean "responding to polemic bullshit that can't be countered even by the sanest of sane folks cos its bullshit and responding to it just gives it air to breathe when it should not even need to be responded to because it should never be suggested in the first place because it's so retarded."

Marr is such a sack of shit.

What debate? You cannot debate a jackass.

Ooh. ooh. The gumment is happy to let us be killed. They like it when we are killed. Cos then, the gumment gets to....gets to....oh, they just like it when we are killed okay?? Okay?!


And I still do not own one of these dogs.

And I still have not had my beautiful little oak antique table stripped and restored.

I mean, it is like nothing is changing, man, you know?

Oh, 'cept for me. I have changed. My mind. I do not like the gay marriage at all. Not a bit. But I believe I am wrong about this. Cos I know a gay couple and they are doing the life thing, with the getting together and the buying of the house and travelling and stuff. And it came to me outta nowhere, I thought "When you getting married?". I didn't say it, but. Cos I think I don't approve.

But turns out I do.


It came as a thought, so naturally.

So there youse go. Life, huh.


I have loveloved the email whining nagging me to get back to blogging. It is never gonna be as regular as Blair or Instapundit cos I lack the drive. But I do so appreciate the connections made through this ridiculous free publishing empire.

Readers are great. Thnaks muchly, and I mean that. Alright?


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