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:: Tuesday, 13 July 2004 ::

Palestinian education.

Any person on the face of the planet who thinks the Israelis are as awful as the Palestinians is wrong.



The Palestinians are way worse. They could let their kids turn 18 and let them volunteer for an army to fight Israel. But noo. No time to waste, eh, Yasser? Get 'em young, and whlie they cannot realise what a jackass you are.

This video thing is really priceless and it is an perfect vision of Palestinian pycho pathology. They actualy think a training camp for terrorists is a good thing.

Christ, they even give the kiddies a diploma.

You can bleat at me all you like about having travelled to the MidEast and therefore knowing so much more than everybody else about the true situation in Israel and the 'occupied terroritories' (yes, I mean it like that) (or as I prefer to think of them, the bits Israel won fair and square in the 1967 war) and blah blah blah, but if at the end of the day you canot see that Palestinians have decided, deliberately to live like shit for the past 56 years instead of getting on with their lives and living like decent men and women, then really you are just a stinking Jew hater.

Cos nothing else can explain such a goddam unbalanced approach.

They are training their kids to kill.

And they're proud of it.

I tell ya, that wall cannot go up fast enough.

Cos when you have a society that has gone bad, like Sicilian mafia society in the 70's and 80's, you need the good elements to finally get jack of the badness.

In Sicily the non-mafia population stopped with the silence, the tacit acceptance of the violence and thuggery around them, and demonstrated against the mafia, insisting on better law enforcement, on taking the game right to the mafiosi.

Good people did spomething about it. They yelled 'Basta'. Enough.

Now, we are all of us waiting for good Palestinian people to do something about their poisonous mafia.

And until they do they will remain, like Sicily 20 years ago, a joke land of violence.

But without the really good food.

:: WB 2:15 pm [link+] ::

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