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:: Saturday, 28 August 2004 ::

Election October 9.

Liberal Party campaign basis - 8 years of economic management making Oz the strongest economy in the Western World, trust us therefore for superior economic management and sincere Oz focussed work to prevent and punish terrorism. Plus wonder about Labor wall-to-wall across Oz vis a vis industrial relations.

Super hostile questioning re leadership, intentions.

Labor Party campaign - ladder of opportunity, rungs, early childhood education, HECS fee abolition, medicare not private, truthfulness, old v young, PM won't be leader the whole term, Labor will put downward pressure on interest rates, trust and truthfulness, future v past, opportunity v negativity, education, environment, Labor ready to lead, rungs, healthcare, education, hard work, national security (this last whispered with no pause before rungs gets another mention. And honesty. And rungs.

Hostile (not super-) re when will tax policy released? Soon. Latham - blah blah, no time for questions, where are the fucking journos? Bastard wankers let us all down when they won't do their jobs and hammer this pretender to leadership about where he's going to lead the country.

He's a babbling loon. He says Howard is in for 6 months only. And he, at 9 months as leader, makes him fit to lead.

He's talking right over the top of the journos. Blah blah blah.

Maybe one way to look at this is that the journos are doing us a favour letting this arsehole just blab his way through a press converence.

But really, I think the press is letting us down. If I had any faith they'd actually interrogate Latham about Latham's Labor and not about Latham's views about Howard's Liberals then maybe it would be a campaign worth focussing on. Maybe my concerns about Labor leading us into a shithole, which I believe is likely - Son of Gough in charge in all - would be assuaged.

Christ on a stick - the man is still talking - he's had more air time than Howard and less questions, less hostile questions. The man is a booby blabbermouth.

We'll be announcing policies, I'd like a debate, old fashioned town hall democracy, rungs, national security teams, ladder of opportunity, community services....he is still talking with no questions and no substance.

Then he stops.

If the press lets this man blab his way through 6 weeks of campaigning, Labor is going to lose lose lose.

Who could stand the sound of the man's voice after all that?


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