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:: Wednesday, 22 September 2004 ::

Ali from Iraq the Model rocks

Read this post if you can.

It is the perfect antidote to every softheaded jackass who believes Iraq is a 'disaster' (yeah, I'm thinkin' of you Andrew Sullivan, you big poof, an' I mean that in the bad way, not the good way, and you too, Ken Layne, you ridiculously handsome right-about-everything-else-but-wrong-about-this-issue lovely man).

The forgotten factor for leftie US commentators is simply this: there is more to Iraq than the US.

There is a bunch of Iraqis there too.

And they are invested in their own success.

Not Riverbend, of course.

But plenty of others, like Zeyad.

They are not uncritical of how things are going with the Iraqi Interim Government. They are thinking, contributing folks.

See, the trouble with liberals is that they are inherently bigoted. Bigoted in the sense that wherever an American is, that is all the liberal sees. All US, all the time. US either good for everything or good for nothing.

Now, I am a Yank fan....for ever, really.

But would it kill Sully and Layne, and John Kerry for that matter, amidst the weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth, to just once give some credit to the wogs for doing something to improve their own lot and stand on their own as a democracy, you know?

Just once?

Swear to God, you would think Iraq was on fire from Basra to Kirkuk. It ain't. It is on fire in parts between Basra and Kirkuk. Or wherever, you get my meaning.

And who but a liberal could ever be so stupid as to imagine that the Zarqawi's of the world would sit back and say "well, that's that then, the Interim Government has been set up so we will take our bat and ball and go home and stop with the beheadings."

Puhlease. 18 months since dictatorship and liberals are just appalled that things are not peachy.


Iraq is in trouble in the same way it has been in trouble since Saddam was pulled from his hole in the ground. And Afghanistan too, since the Talibanners got mostly shot. They are fledging democracies where none has existed before.

And they have large expat populations living all round the world, some here in Oz, who understand how democracy works, and they phone home so the locals can get it too.

Give 'em a break from the whiny loser language. And celebrate their successes.

I dunno Chrenkoff, but he does the Iraqis and all of us a terrific service by celebrating success.

Iraqi success.

Wog success.

Wogs can do it, you know. Wogs can do anything.

They can be shitful and they can be grand. Just like youse.

End lecture.

....No, maybe not. I reckon I know where I get this chip on my shoulder from. I got it from Gino. My Pa. Bad tempered and self-pitying. G'uh. Italian. But also generous, funny and fun. G'uh. Italian. Politically all over the shop ending with anarchist leanings in his old age. G'uh. Italian. Could sense disrespect for Italians from ignoramuses before they even spoke. G'uh. Italian.

He would never accept use of the word 'wog' cos he got called it when he came to Oz in the 50's an' it was a way bad word. I can do it cos, even tho' I got it at school, I never got it a lot. And it really is a pride word now, which is excellent.

In fact, my girlfriend Gorb used to get called a wog on the train from school which is funny cos she is Scots-Irish. Ha ha...Ahh.

Anyhoo. Iraq. Afghanistan. Not going to be failed countries. The era of that is over. There's no Soviet block to prop you up, and no Soviet reason for Americans to prop you up either. There's every reason for every country to prop themselves up and expunge the errorists from within and without.

Urgh. Enuff already.

:: WB 2:36 am [link+] ::

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