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:: Monday, 25 October 2004 ::

Look, okay? The deal is this.

I can call myself a wog, I can call my wog buddies wogs. I can use the term wog in conversation to describe....persons of....wogs, alright?

But I will not accept a McGinty-skippy stranger eva calling me a wog. Na. That's a fightin' word when a skippy who ain't my buddy says it.


But how was that article? I mean, wogs, spicks, hebes, coons, niggers, gins, slopes, gooks, oil ticks, rock monsters, yids, ragheads, sand nazis, krauts, frogs, whingeing poms, squareheads, boongs, spades, porch monkeys, jigaboos, dagos, Greeks, paddys, scots gits...freakin' spazzs, tards....Where will it end?

The WA Attorney-General? Wants to legislate this stuff? What is the man thinking? You do not put this stuff into law. There does not have to be a law for this. I do reckon this stuff is for strong characters who can take it, and it has to be used carefully. My Pa hated wog. Hated it. My Ma has no time for it either. I hated it for ever too. Cannot recall when it became okay for me to use it. I think I have to credit a school buddy who was relaxed about it. And she married a bloke who was relaxed about it too. Great couple. That is what I mean about strong characters. You develop some scar tissue so the barbs when they are flung - and they are so flung; I so amemba that blonde, what was her name? Virginia Jones? Some dull skippy name, anyhoo 'catch the ball, wog'. Puhlease. Everyone knows it hurts less if it bounces first - do not hurt quite so much.



I think it is dumb.

But the dumbest thing I ever read involving use of the word wog was an exchange on Troppo Armadillo where I posted a comment referring to a wog who was writing on that site as a wog - as in 'hey wog' - and Ken Parish, who has my site linked on his site wrote this:

"Yes I saw the word "wog" the second time I read "w"'s comment, and could hardly believe anyone, however ignorant, could actually write such a thing. He/she probably refers to "niggers" as well (and wops, chinks, dagoes etc). It just lets us know that this is a person best treated with complete contempt."

Ha ha ha ha ha.....

And he's got a link to my site on his site.

He writes the word wog every minute of every day on the internets on his site.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

see, that legislation is written for folks like Ken Parish. Good folks who mean well, but really need to lighten up. It is not law that is needed.

It is a bit of relaxation in the company of wogs.


'...best treated with complete contempt.' Ha ha ha.


:: WB 4:04 am [link+] ::

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