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:: Saturday, 22 January 2005 ::

Dr Habib Siddiqui, Gi Fa

Get a load of the rubbish spouted by this learned man. Ooh, the West is resonsible for all horrors on earth and only the beloved East is good and multicultural and blah blah.

But just scroll down for one article more than Dr Siddiqui's spray, and you will find this gem of Easternness.

In rape cases, obviously there may not be eye-witnesses. It was a rule of practice for a long time that evidence of the prosecutrix was not accepted as sufficient by the courts in this sub-continent. However, the present day trend is that if there is no reason to disbelieve the evidence of the prosecutrix, conviction may be given relying on her solitary evidence.

Woen's evidence is worth less.

Oh yeah, Easterners.

You guys can all feel reeeal proud of being a couple hundred years behind the wogs of Western Europe, the Yanks the Brits, the Ozzies, the NZers, the Canadians.

The West.

I mean, Dr Siddiqui, you presumablyare aware that in Bangladesh - in the East:

...42 per cent people in the country do not use any form of latrine is unsettling, from the point of view of personal hygiene and public health and from the point of development. The dismal statistics were revealed at a seminar... If it is any comfort, it can be deduced from what was revealed that this is nothing unusual in the developing world where five out of every 10 people lack adequate sanitation.

Like most of the developing world, which is housed in a bunch of the East as opposed to the West.

Lordy, I cannot tolerate a wog who, in a feeble attempt to avoid criticism for his own appalling bad wogness (cos there is such a thing as good wogness and they have it in the East as well as the West) points to the flaws of others.

Does the good Doctor think that the filthy misogyny and chauvinism of the Middle East is okay? That Abu Ghraib means he has a licence now to not bother cleaning up the substantive disgraces of his society in the East?

I reckon that is just what he thinks.

And if he wants to play that game he must know he is going to lose - cos he who has the least loos always loses, yes?


Look, it is as not okay in Naples as in Ankara and Damascus and Colombo etc etc to be a women hating, poof hating, religiously intolerant man prone to violence when challenged with change.

And it is the East that has some catching up to do with the West on this score, cos it is not Westerners turning up in droves trying to get in to the East permanently.

And immigration is a great test of where is best. Cos thinking folks will go to where it is objectively better.

And ya know, as I hit the keys, I am so not thinking about Japan and Singapore and China's Shang Hai or even other its of China for 'East'. I am just thinking about Dr Siddiqui and the Middle East.

I mean read that piece.

Really. Pathetic.

The East has Sharia law for jeebus sake. I mean, kill yourself.

:: WB 4:07 am [link+] ::

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