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:: Sunday, 23 January 2005 ::

A Kurdish blog from Iraq

This guy is real interesting. He has undergone a transformation from anti-voting to very much pro-participation in the elections. Top stuff.

Plus anyone who refers to somebody as "three-wifed" is pretty durned cool in my book.

Now, here is how Paul McGeogh of the SMH sees Kurdo's hopes for the elections in Iraq.

He spits on it. Spits on Kurdo. A big hawking loogie of contempt and malice.

A climate of utter fear has reduced the campaign to wall posters and banners, and even the wind was shredding these on Saturday.

Get Far Away, McGeogh. Really. Is there anything else to say to the man?

It's windy. Let us call this election off.

Next he will be trying to tell us that this is a legitimate electioneering stragedy. And the election should be called off..

Why the man cannot write a single sentence that is supportive of democracy in Iraq is beyond me. He is mired in cynicism, pessimism and and the horrible dick stroking of the foreign correspondent who imagines he has a handle on the zone he is covering. Like that jackass Michael Ware, the crook nosed Oz wanker always on the CNN (cannot be asked to find a link to his mug).

It is all 'Ooh, insurgents'.


Read Kurdo.

Heck, read this in The Aus from William Shawcross.

Orunno about youse, but I reckon McGeogh is deserving of quite a bit of stick from Oz folks for his relentless typeytypey bullshit in favour of lousiness in Iraq. And yes, he in favour. If he was not in favour he might have written something good about the country.

Man's an embarrassment. You can almost hear the Iraqis when they hear him coming. 'Hey Mohammed, put on your sad face. Here come's that plonker from Straya".


I have been told McGeogh is a nice bloke with a healthy sense of bravery and good sport with other journos.

Pff. Like that's enuff to excuse his shitting on Iraq.


Buzz me when he writes something positive.

I will not be holding my breath.

:: WB 1:27 pm [link+] ::

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