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:: Wednesday, 26 January 2005 ::

Sullivan is at it again

About the 'torture' I mean. He links to a piece in Washington Post which is, get this, nothing more than a press release for the ACLU, although gymnatsically rewritten by the Post's staff writers - ya, fer sure.


The American Council of Civil Liberties. No linky love for that mob but they got some docs up if you wanna read 'em. I did.

Yawn. You know why it makes me sleepy? Cos what is revealed is a bunch of criminal and violent behaviour by US troops. Extortion, property damage. Nothing to do with torture. Just bad bloody practice wholly outside the bounds of their roles.

But no biggy. The ACLU - whose whole reason for existing is to see civil rights being crushed everywhere and them and only them riding to the rescue - is happy to use this as evidence of widespread torture.

And what is the bottom line for Sullivan?

On this 'evidence' Sullivan slurs everyone Stateside and declares torture normal cos everyone is at it, with the blessing of the White House and Pentagon.


What an immoderate and hysterical overstatement.

What is normal is decent behaviour by troops.

What is abnormal is violent disgracefulness by troops.

Swear. To. God. Sullivan cannot bring himself to write that the US military has some supreme violent jackasses in it but not all are like that.

Well, g'uh. It is made up of people right? What is the likelihood they are all angels?

Here is Sullivan's compatriot on this topic, Marty Lederman, working hard to show a link from the WhiteHouse to the US troops and guards committing these acts of 'torture'. It is a lot of words and the link is still not real - it is his imagination, his conclusions. Torture is not 'normal'.

Now here is Heather MacDonald responding to Sullivan and as I have indicated before, I am with her.

The abuse we have seen by some Americans is disgusting, wrong, punishable, and not representative even remotely of the entirety of the forces or the entirety of the US Administration's approach.

Sullivan can try and try. He can say 'Bybee memo' as many times as he likes.

But Renata Tebaldi, Victoria de los Angeles and June Bronhill have sung their last. They were fat ladies, in case you do not recognise them.

And this torture stuff is real in part, bullshit in part and getting investigated.

It is not normal at all.


UPDATE: And it not an 'atrocity' for a woman to menstruate on you, Mamdouh, if in fact that ever happened. And it is not an 'atrocity' nor is it 'torture' for someone to photoshop animal heads on to pics of your kids, Mamdouh.

But I can tell what is atrocious.

Heading off to Pakistan like Mamdouh to, as he described it, find a partner for your kid - without ever asking your kid if they might like to marry a skippy. That was his excuse for being in a war zone when he got picked up by the Yanks. I do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth, he is such a pig of a bloke. His kids are just cattle to him. He is the very epitome of a toxic wog. Keeping the very worst of his cultural practices while he lives here in Oz.

Andrew Sullivan's hero, no doubt.

:: WB 11:48 am [link+] ::

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