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:: Saturday, 22 January 2005 ::

Sully is at it Again

Once more with the '5 dead at the hands of US interrogators' and now 23 other deaths getting investigated.

With no link to for the interested reader to go and find out about what Sully used to call 'mistreatment' and now calls 'a stain on the honour of tghe US'.

If it is such a freakin' stain, why not publish some links so we can all learn about it? My earlier post linked above gathers some stuff you need to read.

And I maintain, since this is what the Yanks are fighting on the ground, I do not give a good god damn whether there are 5 or 50 deaths.

I mean, you gotta read this stuff:
"Democracy looks upon everyone as equals:the Muslim and the non-Muslim, the males and the females, the righteous and the evil, the educated and the ignorant. However the laws of Allah do not look equally at these groups..."

"Ruling is for Allah alone - not for the people - and the people should merely obey Allah's commands and his Islamic law..."

O Niiice.

Ya right.

And this old Rushdie fatwa chestnut? Fer cryin' outta loud ya craazy Iranian cleric idiots, give it a rest and retire this nonsense.

And how 'bout this from craazy idiot Mullah Omar?

"We want to make it clear to the aggressors and their puppet government that as long as one occupation soldier is on Afghan holy soil, Taliban leadership wil| not be willing to hold talks with them. We do need such talks," the one-eyed Taliban leader said in a message on the eve of Eid released in Afghanistan and Pakistan Thursday.

And whether or not this is true, the fact that Muslims talking to Christians about changing faith can lead to killing is, well, another reaon why the forces of Islamomadness are unscaleable walls of ignorance and violence and impenetrable walls of fanatacism and violence.

If a death happens interogating some Islamic madman, I will not shed a tear and I will not feel a stain has appeared upon my nation.

If 50 I will not care either.

If 1 death or 50 deaths were deliberate cold blooded and nothing to with interrogating, then and only then will you hear me getting outraged.

See, for me, the trouble with Sully, is that on torture, he has already given up on believing that interrogation of madmen is necessary and dirty. He has already judged the Yanks as guilty of venal venal behaviour.

I do not believe the armed forces of Oz the US the UK are stained by their actions in the Middle East. I believe they have worked as hard and as fair as their enemy will allow and even then they have acted over the odds not to engaged in more violence to captives.

It is torture and I certainly do not want to perform it. I do not want to be anywhere near it. I don't even want my troops to engage in it.

But what the hell can they do if they have some lunatic in their guard who can give information to help capture or get rid of other lunatics? Go easy? As easy as you feel is civilised. And if, in the interests of civilisation, a little incivility is required (a soft euphemism for physical violence, I know I know) then have at it.

Cripes, this is a hairy issue to consider.


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