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:: Saturday, 19 February 2005 ::

Ah Riverbend, you jackass.

The elections have come and gone, and with nothing to contribute to her country except sniping from the sidelines, she has now fixated upon Iranian style Shia fanaticism and oppression of women as a way to bemoan her country.

There she is, Sunni obviously, cos otherwise why such a kneejerk reaction of Shia = Iran? And she will not arc up for an instant when some medieval bloke says she should put a blanket on her head?

She might hate the Iraq the Model boys for their politics but they are on her side when it comes to not introducing Sharia law, and not oppressing women.

But no. Not our Riverbend. She just stays silent and goes on and on about her fear.

While doing absolutely nothing about it at all.

Christ on a stick eh?

She has a blog. Good for her. Wondered if it has ever crossed her tiny Ba'athist mind to put her prejudice aside and do something positive like wear pants, wear her hair lose and get into arguments with men who would dare to treat her otherwise than as an equal.

Stupid bitch didn't bother to vote. (I do not like to use that word but it suits her I reckon.)

Now she cannot wave her finger at any medieval man who tries to oppress her, and saying "I stood in line to vote, I looked the terrorists in the eye to vote, I am certainly not afraid of some backward Arab man when it comes to fighting for my liberty."

I cannot express how much I loathe her.

I read her religiously cos her writing is tremendous and she occasionally bothers to actually describe life in Baghdad in a way you just cannot find elsewhere.

But if her country goes to hell it will be because of Arabs like her.

Lazy sniping-from-the-sidelines jackass.

UPDATE: Again the delightful Jason Van Steenwyk at CounterColumn has addressed Riverbend's posts. He is much kinder to her than I. He is much kinder all round I reckon. Check it out. His conclusion is a Duesenberg.
:: WB 5:01 pm [link+] ::

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