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:: Monday, 28 March 2005 ::

Blairs celebrate Silver Anniversary

How nice.

Be even nicer if Blair wins gumment again in the upcoming election.

Which might even happen. (Grazie to Norm Geras)

Why? He is not a wog.

More is the pity.

But. I consider his judgement committing troops to join the US in removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, re Iraq, against the quislings in his party and those on the opposition benches, most excellent.

I also consider he presides over a modern England that is drenched in drugs and irresponsibility, as described by Theodore Dalrymple in The Spectator magazine and evidenent in every episode of The Bill, Jack Frost and Dalziel & Pascoe and patently obvious from the works of so many bands, and yes I am thinking of The Prodigy. Or drenched in fool films of the 'Love, actually'.

Urgh. 'Luvvies, actually' more like it.

And no links so do not whine. I can not be asked.

Engerland is also populated by good and great people doing careful excellent work in law, finance, engineering, architecture, design, literature (if you care for that sort of thing).

And gypsies.

Whoa. Hold up there.


Ya. Cyabuhleevi?

So, I would like to see Blair get up so as to smack in the teeth every one of the filthy folks who goes to bed at night believing themselves to be so much closer to God than I, cos they amrched, one foot in front of the other, stompystomp for Saddam Hussein to stay in power in iraq. Which is what they did. No matter how much they bleat that they did want change.

But what about the gysies, eh?

Urgh. How is it possible the nation that gave us Wellington, Churchill and the Lotus Elise should be grappling with the curse of the filthy wagondriving criminal hordes of freeloaders?

Apparently the Tories have made running the Gypsies outta town an election plaform issue. Needless to note The Graudiad does not approve of the Tory position or that taken by the new party Veritas.

And apparently most of the Gypsies are not Romani wogs. But filthy freeloading Irish. (See Harry's comments linked above.)


Whatever will Blair do?

Whatever can the poor man do if he has to fight on the topic of gypsies?

Bring in a law making Wednesday Gypsy Run-amok day?

I care not a whit for the man's foolish religious speech law or his other nanny stateist nonsense that The Spectator always writes about, or persistence in entering the EU common currency - that whole EU thing needs someone to deliver it a raspberry and the Brits are well placed to do it surely, filthy soccer louts - in fact I think in both cases he is profoundly wrong.

But without his return I reckon the Brits will just sink into more 'Shite, Actually' and the loutism will just go on as ever.

Whatever. This post has gone on too long.
:: WB 10:50 pm [link+] ::

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