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:: Saturday, 19 March 2005 ::

"Insiders" Today

Mike Seccombe, smirking wanker who is wrong about everything, predicts Costello will face real heat and the economy will slide into recession or something like it.

Whoo-hoo, good times ahead. You can bet on it with the Reverse Seccombe Rule.

Mischa Schubert, insufferable girlie wanker who believes compulsory student unionism is good cos of critical student services, like counselling.

Get. Far. Away. Counselling? Union dues are used for stupid things like crap bands in the quad, stupid art in the gallery, some good record libraries, maybe a counsellor session for some body some time, unlistenable and unwatchable productions of 'Orpheus in the Underworld', Uni reviews where the participants always think they are funnier than they really are.

Glenn Milne, token righty for the day but he's no Bolt or Akerman - and he's barely a third of a Farr - says the whole Spewnie voluntary student unionism is actually an attack on student activism, and nothing to do with freedom to avoid being a union.

Shut Up, Little Man.

It is not like Spewnie is or should be the Godsend for Students, where all their dreams can come true on everybodies money and eveyrthing is chocolate covered and golden all day.

We are talking about students here. Okay? Most of them just wanna get laid. And the counsellor ain't paid to put out, alright? But there is a big group of them that are useless wankers who love to suck up free cash and use it for stupdities.

IThis whole Howard government student union thing is not a conspiracy to get rid of compulsory student union dues.

It is a straight up attempt to get of something sompulsory that should not be compuslory.

Why is Swenie a compulsory and closed shop?

Why can't student's decide whether they feel like paying or not? I would not have paid a penny except to keep the records library open. But others would have paid for that and more. What's the matter with that?

What is the matter with that?

Nothing good has come out of student dues, okay? Lots of stuff is created, do not get me wrong. But very very little of it is good, okay? It is nearly all profoundly ordinary.

Givyanzample. Barrie Kosky. Top bloke. Opera director, of all things. Made the most godawful production of 'Orpheus in the Underworld' at Melbourne Uni in the 1980s.

Like O Mi Go My Eyes My Ears This Is Horrible. Cats dragging their nails down blackboards taped to your own ears. From this low low bar ceated with student union money he got the chance to build a career producing other unwatchable stuff.

Yeah, good for him.

He got to make it big in the arts world off my union dues in part. Plus my ticket price to the show. He hit me up two times, the bastard. Second time I volunteered. No problems with that - and I hope he is grateful.

But. Would I have elected to pay a penny towards his production of 'Orpheus' if I had been asked whether or not I would like to pay union dues into which Barrie could dip his arty mits?

I would not have elected to pay. Thank you very much but no thank you.

Well, of course not. I mean why would I? Is the student union going to organise some shows by Italian band Balanco with the fabulously named Mariella Carbonara up front? Na fer sure.

Are they going to have to have spaghetti eating competition in the quad? You mental?

Is the counsellor going to be available to explain why it is okay to love Alfa Romeos even though they are front-wheel drive? Ah, what's a Affaromo?


Student union dues are all about left-wing skippy whitebread rubbish.

And student union administrators will always arrange another afternoon of Ed Keupper in the quad driving us all to consider suicide. Another curated gallery exhibition with, ya know, plates stacked on top of one another, or some such rubbish, called "Howard's Junta", you know the kind of thing. And another counselling session .... how the fuck should I know? Wogs don't do counselling. Not real wogs anyway. We got cousins for that.

Cos they are invariably left wing wankers.

Cripes, ya know? I have not pondered my Spewnie life for some time. And now I am doing so it is a wonder I got out of there with any shred of wogness left in me.

If a single journo can find a single wog - a real wog I mean - to declare compulsory student union dues and membership to be a good thing, with supporting reasons that are not left-wing malarkey, I will reconsider my position.

Until then but, all youse students can keep on doing what you are doing. Pay or do not pay. I do not care. Just try not to be a bunch of pecoroni okay?
:: WB 2:32 pm [link+] ::

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