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:: Saturday, 19 March 2005 ::

Oz is Better than UK

How come?

Cos of the ads of course. Pacifically the Turkish Delight ad that used to play on Oz teevees hundreds of years ago.

Amemba? I cannot find pictures....cos I have not bothered to look.

Butchooamemba. Straightlaced skippies would take a bite of Fry's Turkish Delight (I think it was Fry's in Oz. Whatever.) and then start belly dancing all happy and stuff. With the rhythm and the cymbals and stuff?

Amemba? Funny.

Happy happy skippies and wogs. Wobbling their guts together.


Why am I mentioning this? Cos I found this Julie Burchill piece and she writes:

I feel very English as a rule, but a few things about my people never fail to amaze, even alarm, me. And one of them is the rather overheated and unwholesome relationship between certain British men and Arab culture. From the most Establishment - Prince Charles, who has asked the chairman of the Imams and Mosques Council to his "close friends only" wedding next month - to the most anti-Establishment - Livingstone - a particular type of Englishman seems to have a chronic, collective, schoolboy crush on big scary Arab men that can be traced all the way back to T.E. Lawrence. This may well be a low blow - but what else could possibly explain the ceaseless, irrational habit of favoring filthy rich Arab dictatorships over the ever-struggling, always democratic State of Israel?

I blame the subliminal power of advertising. All through the '70s and '80s and right into the '90s, one of the most popular of all British TV adverts was that of Fry's Turkish Delight, during which, in various permutations, a doe-eyed white woman welcomed a suave dish-dosh-wearing bit of rough into her tent, there to share said gooey pink substance with him. Who's to say that Prince Charles and Red Ken, along with Vanessa Redgrave, George Galloway and the other British Islam-groupies weren't swept off their feet by this flamboyant display of concupiscence? Of course, even before the Turkish Delight chick commenced to fill her boots on prime-time TV, Westerners were tripping on the idea of the noble-savage-sheikh who would free them of all their uptight Judaeo-Christian hang-ups.

Noble sheikhs and swooning sheilas? Tents?

Pfff. That would not be funny. That would just emasculate the whitebread skippies leaving the girlies alone interested in Fry's Turkish delight.

Sack that ad department.

What you want is for everyone to like Turkish Delight.

For everyone to like turks. Arabs. Whatever.

Chubby Arabs/Turks and whitebread skippies wobbling their guts. With the little cymbals. Deeply daggy and cool all at once. And funny. fun. Nice. Harmonious. Embracing. Sweet. Drizzled in delicious milky cho...


I think I had a point to make about how Oz is better than Britain when it comes to race stuff and partly this is cos of the ad.

But I totally have to get going to the shops to get me some Turkish Delight, alright?

Youse can put two spoonfulls of rose water and two spoonfulls of castor sugar together and make your own point about all the above, cantcha?

Out til next weekend - tanto tanto lavoro.


Mi dispiace.

A la prossima.

(Got to Burchill off Eric the Unread. Cool named blog.)
:: WB 9:59 pm [link+] ::

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