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:: Monday, 28 March 2005 ::

Patronising Black Actor published by Patronising Broadsheet

Apparently Laurence Fishburne, actor ergo wanker, fancies himself a bit Maori looking. And apparently he used to thins Oz folks were a little bit wary about Maoris, but all that changed after the 'lympics.

Or something.

Pointless rubbish slagging Oz of as racist that has nothing to do with the movie Fishburne has recently appeared and that needs publicising.

Fishburne seems an idiot of the highest order. I mean, Maoris are huge. The hakka, or however you spell it, is a war dance. We have all seen 'Once Were Warriors' and it was bloody and violent. And true for a goodly number of folks.

And we have all seen how Maoris, and Tongans and other Islanders get most of the bouncer jobs.

Cos they are huge.

And people are wary of them.


I know actors are not Einsteins but jeepers, Fishburne is in tard territory with this stuff.

But query how passionately he feels about this at all?

I smell a beat up from the SMH's Phillip McCarthy.

Fishburne is made out to be a 'kill kill kill the white man' kinda guy, and Australians are lazily slurred as racists by our Phil who could not even be bothered to refute the lumpen actor's pathetic musings. Or Phil's editor failed to leave it in, if Phil in fact had the nouse.

Either way, yet more pathetic rubbish from the SMH playing to their audience of self-hating 'Oz is a racist nation'luvvies.

Every day a disaster in print.


Speaking of idiot actors, the fabulous Don Cheadle, who can act, as can Laurence Fishburne, has wasted a bunch of space in the Wall Street Journal about US inaction in Darfur.

Well, excqueeze me, you patronising wanker, but it is not down to the US to fix Darfur.

It is down to the bloody Africans.

Just like Bosnia and Kosovo was down to the Europeans.

If Cheadle's point is that Euros and Africans are useless and the UN a joke leaving the US the sole force for good in the world, bearing that heavy burden generally for the better with the result the US can reasonably be called on to act in Darfur, then I cannot see it.

Instead we get treated to a pathetic conflation of African and French perfidy equating to US perfidy.

Just once it would be good to hear someone, even an actor, encourage US activity by complimenting the US. you know, the 'catch more flies with honey' approach.

But heck, who am I kidding. Don Cheadle is an actor.

:: WB 5:43 pm [link+] ::

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