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:: Wednesday, 2 March 2005 ::

What a toxic little wog, eh?

She is 16 and she is all over the BBC World news this morning.

She is in Engerland.

Her high school had a uniform code that allowed Muslim girls to wear their ridiculous sack pants and sack headcloths (no, I have no respect for this rubbish - it is man-made up "religious" blather to oppress women. Full stop. End of story. No faith. No nothing. It is not in the Koran. It is not in the Hadiths, or whatever they are called. It sprang fully deformed from the craazy too-tight-turbanned head of Ayatollah Khomenei in Iran to "liberate women" from craazy irresponsible men who could not be bothered to control their own lust, where "liberate" is pronounced "cover yourself slut, or I shall kill you where you stand".)

She thinks she is closer to God than other Muslim 16 year olds who do not cover their bodies with blankets and headsacks.

Either that or she is worried her brothers will beat the crap out of her if anything more than her hands are showing, cos that would make her a slutwhorehookerslut - so she pretends she is closer to God to avoid the beating. And I guess I should not blame her for that fear - but really, she has balls. She's a brave strong willed girl. Pity her will is so medieval.

And, natch, she couches the whole "ordeal" in terms of "Muslim oppression" post-September 11, which was, just to remind her, committed by Muslims. Applauded by Muslims. And has never ever been denounced fully by Muslims (unsurprising, since they are not a block, but if ever there was time for a bit of Pan-Arabism/Muslim Unity September 12 was it, eh?)

She wants to be a doctor.

Good luck to any of her girlie patients:

Muslim Patient : I am here for a prescription for the pill. My periods sare really bad and I want to control them better.

Dr Begum: No prescription for you slutwhore. I can see your hair and throat and ankles and maybe even your midriff and knees. I shall be calling your brother and father to kill you since it is apparent to me that all you want to do is shag non-Muslims all day. Liar about your period.

She chooses to be oppressed and she has fought for the right to be oppressed.

And she has won on a technicality and thinks it a victory for every 16 year old-Muslim girl in Engerland....to be oppressed.

Way to go, Shabina.

You have just given Muslim fathers and brothers across the UK the right to force their daughters and sisters into your ridiculous dress code of revolting shapeless coats and curtains on your head and throat.

And you have just removed any ability for school to be a sanctuary - if only for 6 hours a day - from backwards chauvanist misogynist male-Muslim oppression of Muslim women.

Proud of yourself?

Yes, will be the answer, more's the pity.

Cherie Blair QC did the legals too, you'll note. She a feminist like Anne Summers.

Niice. Not.

:: WB 12:27 pm [link+] ::

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