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:: Saturday, 30 April 2005 ::


As interesting a thread as is around for the UK elections. Harry for Labour against a bunch of freaks for Galloway's Respect party, plus other stuff.

I cannot understand the attraction of Galloway - the man is despicable. Objectively.

But I also struggle to understand the whole 'Bliar' attitude in Engerland, and frankly everywhere it appears viz the Iraq action to remove Saddam which has succeeded this week in seeing a Government formed (albeit without 6 ministries filled because of intransigence by Sunni idiots who are slow to grasp the opportunity to participate in democracy that is open to them).

You know, the Blair lied, there were no WMDs, no 45 minutes, no threat from Saddam, Blair lied, regime change is an ex post facto justification for war not made at the time, blah blah Blair lied.

Harry has another interesting post on this, and on voting.

And Eric the Unred skewers the nonsense of the Bliar thing as well.

So it not just me mocking the 'liar' folks.

It is no lie to be mistaken about something.

It is no lie to have commenced an action on the basis of info which is later revealed to be incorrect, incomplete, or inadequate.

To be enraged over that error is all well and good, if you like crying over spilt milk. I find that remarkably self-indulgent and utterly unpersuasive, myself. I prefer to to learn the lesson of the error - which in the case of Iraq was inadequate on-the-ground intelligence, inadequate checks on remote intelligence (think Chalabi) and utterly unrealistic reliance upon the the UN's weapons inspector regime which only placed the merest pressure on Saddam Hussein and saw Blix resile from pressure and begin behaving disgracefully evenhandedly towards Saddam just when pressure had begun to crack the scientists in Iraq.

There are a reason for the war in Iraq.

Read that carefully, lefty pro-fascist idiots - you know who you are - the ones who do not approve of removing Saddam from power in Iraq. The ones who, today, even after Iraqis set up their government following an election in which 8m folks voted, still think it was wrong to remove Saddam.

Wrong Oz action, US action, UK action, Italian action, Polish action, Spanish action (for a whie anyway) etc etc.

One reason for war.

Saddam Hussein himself, a disgusting pig of a bloke who should have resigned in the face of the UNs resolution 1441 but did not, preferring one last time to just hang in there to wreck his country. Keeping up a tradition. The pig.

Anyone who takes their eye off that ball, preferring instead to whine about legality and sovereignty and intelligence when we are in fact dealing with Hussein, is soft in the head.

And anyone who argues that Hussein was not alone in the horror stakes, so why him? why then? as a reason not to remove Saddam just does not get it either. I mean, what kind of philosophy is it that considers awfulness elsewhere a reason to leave other awfulness alone? How utterly empty.

The questions has never been do we want to go to war. War is not for pleasure.

The question is only ever whether is a good reason not to go to war.

And there was simply no reason to leave Saddam where he was.

Not a single reason, at least not a unbigotted isolationist reason. I mean, plenty of bigots and isolationists will justify themselves walking down the street, one foot in front of the other, for Saddam back in 2003.

Why they do not think the Iraq government is a good thing now is anyone's guess. Perhaps they do think it is good, but admitting that means admitting that they marched against that very good thing. So they prefer to hum loud and ignore their disgusting wrong-side-of-history position.

Sadly Engerland seems full of folks who think like that - but I am hoping Blair gets up in the election cos he was right about Saddam against the most vaccuous complaint - Clare Short? Robin Cook? Appalling isolationist bigots who dress themselves as caring folks - they never met a wog they didn't prefer to see on his knees.

The pig had to go and there was no reason to leave him in place.

And that ain't no lie. That is just a fact.

UPDATE: I am not even going to translate. If you do not get this you are closed minded.

From the wonderful 1972
:: WB 7:55 pm [link+] ::

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