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:: Saturday, 30 April 2005 ::

The Insiders - gobsmackingly poor analysis

This morning's show featured the idiot Annabelle Crabbe in London interviewing, of all cartoonists on earth, Steve Bell from The Guardian the man who gave us Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian baby, discussing the UK elections.

Naturally his vision of the Conservatives is to show Michael Howard as a Death on a Pale horse.

Death. Get it? Conservative, death mongers. Come to kill us all.

He so clever, Mista Steve.

Ha ha, funny man.


Plus today we had the spectacle of Virginia Trioli, complete with badly tied and very ugly scarf (don't they heat the ABC studios?) and Mischa Barton wearing a top that kinda squished her tits down so they looked like you know, bad. Both of them were waxing stupid about the enquiry into the Cornelia Rau case and other Oz citizens locked up and naturally both felt the whole lid of immigration a nd bias and appallingness and private companies would blown sky high.

I reckon if that is what they reckon we can safely be that the main discovery of the enquiry will be that there is a bunch of crazy people in Oz who need looking after but who do not get the looking after they need and end up in detention after they declare themselves to be from outside Oz- just like the madwoman Cornelia Rau.

Then the two of them were discussing the absolute human right that it is for old women to get 80% subsidisation care of other Oz taxpayers so they can pump their shrivelled uteruses up with IVF treatment (or compensate for the partner/husband's useless smimmers). And how this will really affect the government and blah blah.

Puhlease. No one is saying no to IVF in Oz. Alls that is happening is that the 80% subsidy will not apply after the third go, each year!

I mean, freakin' pay for it yourself if it takes longer. What is the matter with that? But nooo, Virginia's argument is - the saving is really small so it who cares about it.

This is the same idiocy as the whole "Iraq is not the only country in the world with a lousy leader so do not attack it cos there are others....but do not attack them either....do not do anything do not change anything leave me alone I am doing fine".

You know?

It is the outlook and philosophy of the emptyeaded status quoist - the one who hates to give up any cushiness at all for anyone else.

I am a taxpayer. I think IVF is terrific technology but it should not be subsidiased at all. Medically assisted conception is not the same as medically assisted birth (like caesarian birth)s.

It is a choice. To have kid. Frankly, Pru Goward, Sex Discrimination Commissioner has made comments about IVF being like a hip replacement and that is just insane.

You do not choose to have a hip in your body.

Your body comes with a hip and that is that.

Kids are choices. IVF is a tremendous luxury. It is business class pregnancy. So pay for it already. Stop demanding the rest of us who do not ever avail ourselves of the technology to pay for it for you.

I think the women sequaling about this - and I am not happy to include Helen Coonan and Pru Goward cos I prefer to respect them and for this I do not - are failing women substantively by persisting with the idea that IVF should be subsidiased for as many or as few times as folks want to use it.

I will wager people would use it a lot less if they had to pay.

And they would look at adoption seriously. Or surrogacy seriously. Or childlessness seriously.


And Crabbe sought Steve Bell out? I cannot get over it. Of all cartoonists. He is a horror. What on earth does that make her?
:: WB 4:47 pm [link+] ::

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