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:: Monday, 25 April 2005 ::

An Ugly American

Ed Morrisey, American jackass extraordinaire, has declared openly on his website that he will publish information into Canada using the internet, which a Canadian court, with full authority, has ordered should not be published in Canada for a certain period of time - the reason for the publication ban being the perfectly commonplace reason that the info not to be disclosed is being collected at a hearng and may impact upon upcoming trials, hence it should not be published right now so as to avoid that impact on the trials.

Glen Reynolds, Instapundit and law prof, captures Ed's astonishing recklessness and arrogance perfectly

NEW CANADIAN PUBLICATION BANS: And Ed Morrissey is promising to violate them again, if he can:

although I understand from Glen's other posts re Ed's previous disgraceful shitting on Canadian law, that Glen rather approves of his compatriots actions. Nice to see him use the correct language here though - "violate" - it is a violation and i would dearly love to see Ed get hammered for his profligate abuse of the internet.

I am gonna bang on about this cos it matters: Ed has not got any respect for Canadian law, and I think it safe to say he would not have any respect for Oz law either in the case of a publication ban under perfectly normal contempt of court laws.

He is the sort of American that thinks the internet is where he is, the imbecile, instead of where the material is published.

The man is a cretin or the very worst sort - an arrogant cretin.

And no, he can't be defamed cos his reputation is that of a jackass with no understanding much less any respect for law.

Ed thinks that cos his country has free speech rights then he can impose his pathetic understanding of them upon Canada. (His country has publication bans too, but you do not see Ed crusading away against those - nooooo, just shit on Canadian laws instead, you big bwave American).

He is a lousy neighbour and I have no doubt he is a crap ally.

Or maybe he is a martyr. Whatever the case Ed Morrisey is the very worst sort of American - one hand on his dick and the other holding down the heads of Canadians to suck him off.

Why he does not get bit, I just do not know. It is as if Canadians have no pride at all in their law. Maybe they do not have any pride.

Urgh. What an awful way to have to start the week. Somebody sue that jackass, please.
:: WB 3:11 pm [link+] ::

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