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:: Saturday, 21 May 2005 ::

Insiders Today

David Marr and Virginia Trioli. They are both appalled at Alexander Downer's speech about past Labbor leadership and the habit and preference and instinct for isolationism which Marr is trying to craft as laughable and Trioli is trying to craft as 'out of date' and 'put to bed long ago', as if history should not be discussed.

Piers Akerman seems to me to shocked at this absurd tack and unable to get them to see sense - the Labor is instinctively isolationist. G'uh. It is a philosophy. Defend it. (I personally cannot but that is because I like wogs, wherever they are, so I like the idea of messing around mucking around overseas and having lots of wogs here in Oz too. Labor is all for wogs here but very very unsettled at the overseas commitments viz East Timor, Iraq and even Papua New Guinea.)

An objectively superior analysis comes from the Currency Lad, natch. An Insiders Show with CL on the couch would likely be a quality teevee product.

Barry the host - whatever I cannot recall his name - is trying to paint Bob Carr's news that he turned down Federal Labor party leadership twice, which gave rise to Mark Latham, as 'isolationist' in perhaps the most pathetic attempt at a segue from the Downer speech story or the most pathetic attempt at sledge of Downer's speech.

In either case pathetic.

Now they are on Vivian Solon Alvarez Young Wilson and Cornelia Rau. Marr is patronising. No, I mean unbelieveale. Leaning forward, lowering the volume of his voice, putting his together, raising his eyebrows. Does he think Piers is a child? And when Piers asks 'well, whatdya want? Microchips under the skin? An Australia card?' Marr has nothing to say except 'you should not deport your citizens.

This is a perfect excahnge, Between the all compassion all the time left and the shocked right who thrives on solutions.

Marr had nothing and neither did Trioli.

They both want a presumption that folks who present foreign identification are doing so mistakenly and are in fact Oz citizens.

For crying outta loud, it is the immigration department not a psychiatric hospital.

Folks have family - in both the Rau and Alvarez cases there was family who could have helped.

It is not a government problem to keep tabs on perfectly lawfully present citizenry.

It is the governments problem to keep tabs on folks who are not here lawfully.

Seems to me that is exactly what happened in both the Rau and Alvarez cases.

Marr and Trioli should address the microchip and Australia ncard issue. But if some crazy Rau or Alvarez presents a foreign card instead of the Oz card? Well, that is a flaw in the solution. Guess it will have to be a microchip then.

I reckon we do a good job in Oz now and I do not want Mandy Vanstone going anywhere.
:: WB 4:25 pm [link+] ::

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