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:: Sunday, 1 May 2005 ::

Kidnappee Douglas Wood....Barry?

Could this be the same guy? Some discrepancies but some similarities too.

Check it out:

Australian Douglas Wood Barry, 56, an engineer by training, spent 25 years working for Bechtel, the US construction giant, before starting his own small joint venture construction firm. Since coming to Iraq two months ago, it has won two contracts, the renovation of a building inside the Green Zone, and a military camp in Falluja. He has 200 employees working at the two sites.

'I saw real potential to work, to build things, to make things happen in Iraq,' he says. 'I miss watching the grandchildren grow up and sharing with them the everyday things. I miss my view, jumping in my pool, BBQs in the backyard, all that crap. But [here] I wake up in the morning wanting to go to work, creating things, making things better. When you have construction in your blood you want to build things. I don't feel afraid for my life here. There are incidents that are disturbing, but I've never been person ally threatened.' Despite that, he admits it has affected his work - not least in Falluja, where intimidation by insurgents and the US military response has kept the site shut for a week.

'I've heard the sounds of mortars dropping near by, rifle fire in the streets, but this is like occasional background music. The reality is that it's not all that difficult. There are probably scarier places in downtown Washington DC.'

No wonder folks are trying to verify the video of Douglas Woods, 63, engineer from Oz who lives outside of San Fran with his American wife Pearl, and is a US resident as well as an Oz citizen. The coincidink of names and occupation is a bit much.

Plus the Observer article is from April 04 and says DWB came to Iraq a couple months before - same time line for DW.

Whatever, whoever. He does not deserve kidnapping, horrible detention against his will with the threat of death if a third party does not do something utterly unrealistic.

Kidnapping - the preferred tactic of thugs and imbeciles.
:: WB 3:23 pm [link+] ::

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