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:: Saturday, 21 May 2005 ::

More Sullivan rubbish.

Among other egregious bullshit he claims the Republicans won't lesbian couples visit one another in hospital. I am not even going to link it because it is such crap.

What is missing from wife and wife marriage and husband and husband marriage, which is what gay marriage is, is the rights of succession and presumption of nearest-family-member status that husband and wives have.

That is all.

Lesbians can go to hospital to visit their lovers.

No Republican can stop them.

Sullivan is a hysterical jackass on this topic and he is trying the patience of straights like me who, in supporting gay marriage, are doing so at a considerable inconvenience to themselves.

No longer can I just be asked "are you married?". Once gay marriage comes in, I will get the followup question "to a man or a woman?".

That upsets me hugely cos I am appalled personally at the idea of me marrying someone of my own gender. That is me. Straight. I am not appalled at the idea of someone else doing so, but that second question is evidence of just how fake the whole idea of gay marriage is. It is fake. But hey, if gays want it okay with me. I am not going to fight to prevent it.

But it seems to me that what gays want is to be taken seriously as partners in the same way as husbands and wives.

Willing your estate to your surviving spouse should work for gays as much as straights.

Presumptions of authorisation for medical procedures which lie with a spouse should work for gays just as much as it does for straights.

Presumptions for superannuation should work just the same for gays as well as straights.

But sheesh, a Sullivan gay, who bangs on and on and on about gay marriage using utterly unreal examples of discriminiation and screeching at anyone who blanches cos not everyone wants to dance around a friggin' maypole about it really test the patience of straights.

Some folks do not care for gays.


It has been ever thus.

Some folks do not like wogs. Some wogs do not gays. Rather a lot, I reckon.


All of us who are not gay are giving up something when we support the idea of gay marriage, alright? The gays are not giving up anything, which is fair enough, cos they are after all actually trying to gain something. But they could be grateful for the support they do get. I know folks who are. Top gay folks.

Not Sully. He is appalled that there are some folks who do not like gays and who do not care for gay marriage.

Get over yourself, man. Stop being such a thought policeman. Focus on the law - cos that is at the very heart of this whole gay marriage issue.

The law of committed relationships.
:: WB 6:42 pm [link+] ::

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