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:: Saturday, 21 May 2005 ::

Shockingly Crap

That would be the Stassinopoulos Post.

Have a look at this for their comment policy on posted news, as opposed to blog posts which have no comments allowed at all:

Post a comment
We read every comment submitted but only publish comments that are on topic and have the potential to interest other readers. This means there will be a delay before your comment appears. Please post only once.

Why not just have a policy as follows:
We only publish comments that are on topic and which we determine, using wholly subjectively criteria, whether a comment is on topic. Exchanges are not allowed so please take care what you write in your single comment.

I mean, what on earth is the point of having commentson news if you do not encourage exchanges?

No comments on my site cos I am an nfrequent poster, so adding comment review as a bloggy task is unrealistic. And if you have comments you gotta check 'em out to keep 'em legal, I mean, we are in the publishing game after all. We're in the international publishing game, after all.

Anyhoo, enough of the half-way Stassinopoulos Post comment policy - the site itself, and its blog, is just the most depressing theatre of moribund left-wing views and unfunny offkey observations I have encountered.

How is it posible that they are publishing the work of this man, Simon Jenkins as their Iraq go to guy.

He wanted to quit Iraq in September last year.

He wants to quit it now.

There was an election in January 2005 and a government has been formed by May.

But he wants to quit.

That is all he wants.


Do read the whole blog. I defy you to read it and not come away with a bliling rage at the pointless negativity and cynicim and the utter absence of any solutions to any of the "problems" being identified.

Shallowness personified. It needs to be fisked. But, whoo, what a job that would be.
:: WB 5:56 pm [link+] ::

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