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:: Friday, 13 May 2005 ::

Show Us Yer Hair, Love

O Niice.

The Oz Muslim community has popped its cherry and now we can all welcome to the stage our very own whiney Muslim girl who wants to dress in a sack cos she thinks she is closer to God than every one else when she is in her sack, and she thinks school rules should be moulded just for her weirdo belief in her saintliness. And the sack she needs to achieve that saintliness.


Absolutely pathetic.

Her faith, the Islamic faith, does not require her to get about at school in a sacklike coat and an ugly haircovering. Her faith simply requires her to dress modestly.

She is an Oz Shabina Begum. And that is no good thing. Amemba Shabina? The English girlie who, at the behest of her brother, natch, sued to be able to wear the jilbab that covers neck, hair, hands everything, leaving just a nun-like face. That Dalrymple link pretty much expresses my view about these appalling females.

And that is what are - Shabina and Yasamin Alttahir - females of the species Muslimaniac Troublemakerus.

Yep, that is exactly what I think. And it not disrespectful to Islam. Keep reading and understand where I am coming from if you think this is skating close to some edge of vilification - cos it ain't.

This Year 11 student, Yasamin Alttahir goes to Auburn Girls' High. It is a mostly Muslim girls' school. Check out this picture - scroll down. That is the existing dress code.

Bfugly, with all those stupid headscarves in my view. That is my view, and it is not hateful.

But would you call that school dress code immodest?

Even the girls with their hair uncovered and just their uniforms covering their bodies?

I mean, Yasamin, come on.

It is pretty easy to slut up a girls' school uniform and none of those girls in the pick are doing anything like slutting up.

It is also pretty easy to make a girls' school uniform effectively a sacklike thing - if that is what you want to achieve.

I mean we are not talking revealing couture here.

But it is all too immodest for Yasamin.

Check this lovely message from the school captain of Auburn Girls' High School. Donating blood, raising money for the Tsunami victims, and here, doing good stuff.

School stuff. But for Yasamin all that matters is that she is at school for 6 or 7 hours a day and she cannot bear a single moment of a minute of any one of those hours if she has not got her shapeless formhiding coat on.

I hope the Principal stands firm against Yasamin's unilateralist attempt to change school dress rules that are already perfectly modest and accommodating of Muslim practice.

I hope the School Captain explains to Yasamin that diversity and school spirit are not mutually exclusive and she should pull her freakin' head into her scarf and not play the martyr over something as insignificant as the difference between wearing a sacklike school uniform with scarf and wearing a coat over the top of a sacklike school uniform with scarf.

I imagine Yasamin can go on and on and on about how liberating it is to be underneath a sack without men ogling her, or judging her and blah blah blah.

You are the one under a sack, hon.

It is not you that is free, okay?

The skippy school principal has not backed down to date - good onya, love.

Her school dress code has taken into account Muslims' collective oversensitiveness, misogyny and poor taste to come up with a uniform that allows for those appalling headscarfs - Christ on a stick they are ugly, I mean, anything that goes under the chin is ugly unless it is transparent and allowed to swing loosly over the shoulders, right?, which is why Indian women look chic and Muslim women who buy into the whole bullshit haircovering and body disguising look pathetic.

Googling around for Auburn Girl's High I found this.

Youse gotta read it - it is a priceless capturing, at the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission natch - of Muslim whining about how they are being discriminated against because of racist looks, vibes and whatever. But no evidence of actual damage or injury or loss of stuff is presented.

The same old stuff wogs have dealt with in skippy Oz for decades is getting dealt with by Muslims. They can handle it, just like every other wave of wogs handled it. By being proud of where they come from and embracing Oz as home, a real home, and skips as good friends and good people with a good culture and attitude, and not ghettoifying themsleves for any more than generation.

That is what the Italians did. And other wogs.

What the HREOC complainers show, but, is that for them, the root of the matter is that they do not feel respected. And they want to be respected. And they have HREOC to whine to about it, whereas wogs like Italians in Oz never had such a venue in the 50's and 60's and 70's etc, and had to make do with actually being respectable.

Plus good looking, great cooks, top drivers, and generally fun folks.

Now, we all wanna be respected.

But Yasamin has been respected.


Auburn Girls' School respects Muslims girls enough to let them wear their ugly scarfs.

Oz society respects Muslim women enough to leave them to wear their ugly scarves if they want. It is not illegal, you know.

Yasamin, however, wants to be respected for doing something completely religiously unnecessary but she wants to paint it as part of her Muslim faith. Just like the HREOC folks complaining about being mistreated cos they are Muslims.

Yeah, well, I am afraid I am all out respect when it comes to folks like that.
:: WB 10:51 pm [link+] ::

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