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:: Sunday, 1 May 2005 ::

You are darn right it is a religion

From fabulous Bilious comes this tale of censorship and zealotry in "global warming" worship (if ever a phrase needed the scare quotes Gb is it, eh?).

This got me thinking about Michael Crichton's State of Fear which I read in two mammoth hits over the Anzac Day weekend. A ripsnorting page turner that is not just fantastic cos it delivers the smackdown to evangelical envirowankers, but because of the footnotes at the end and all the potted reviews that Chrichton delivers of his sources for the book.


Cos of real good writing, interesting character ideas, fabulous actual challenges in conversation of deeply held stupid political ideas by folks who genuinely are better informed and do not hold the same idealogical blindness. It is all there.

Terrific stuff.

Closed that one and picked up the Economist boys' The Right Nation: Why America is Different (Mickelthwaite & Wooldridge) which is also a terrific page turner of very interesting work. It really is, albeit marred a little by use of the following which is just not abloe to be helped by folks who work for a magazine that actually endorsed John Kerry.

Not your proudest moment guys.

Language like "peddled" ideas, "smothered" media. Yeah, yeah, plus the whole canard about lies about Iraq and such.

It is sad when good journos go sloppy but what can you do?

Keep reading, that is what - cos it is a terrific book filled with interesting stuff.


But, the economist has got mucho informazione wrong - flat out wrong - about Italy. Berlusconi owns the media so Italy is obviously a lousy place run over with rightwing berluganda. Puhlease. The Italian media is saturated with commies and everyone knows it. Urgh.

And Lord only knows their coverage of Oz is just tardlike. Howard is a despot leading a nation of white folks all of 'em racists. Bah.

And they did endorse Kerry....

So, maybe it is not so great, maybe it is filled with all crap and I will find out later how wrong the book is.

Whatever - I am enjoying it so for what it is worth, this wog gives it two meatballs, alright?

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