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:: Tuesday, 28 June 2005 ::

Foreign Crap-esspondent

Good grief, Jane Hutcheon, why not just take the camera crew and film yourself sucking off a gypsy, if you luv 'em so much.

Jane's piece tonight is a priceless bit of ABC rubbish.

She declares - no transcript yet - that Michael Howard's action years back in the Conservative leadership of making a bunch of illegal gypsy sites illegal cos they were illegal, was responsibe, get this, for causing an explosion in the gypsy population.


Gypsies forced to breed like rabbits cos their illegal settlements are declared illegal.

Milo, give me strength.

And Jane declares that an influential Lord is in favour of the gypsies. The Lord is a Liberal Democrat Lord - like, wow, natch he likes gypsies. He is an idiot Liberal Democrat Lord - remember they were the party who thought it 'illegal' to remove Saddam Hussein from his filthy strangehold on Iraq.

Nice party. Pah.

Jane is appalled that the tabloid press would be appalled at filthy gypsy camp sites.

Apparently it was the tabloiders who whipped up a frenzy against the gypsies. Bad tabloiders.

Nice gypsies. Alls they want is welfare and plumbing and property-rights-by-stealth and special road rules just for them and their ridiculous carts. Spare me the whole 'oooh, the traditions are ancient and stretch back in time blah blah'. Centuries ago in a centuries old tradition even then, in Italy an old man would cut a sapling down the middle and a boy would pass throgh the hole in order to become an official adult man.

Note to idiots - Italians do not do that anymore. It was charming and stuff. But franky, the saplings could not take it what with the growing numbers of boyz2men. I mean, you take your old fashioned ways and shove 'em if they do not fit nowadays. Just keep the good stuff. Like the gypsy fiddle playing.

Jane interviews the obligatory wet English Anglican priest or pastor or whatever non-Roman Catholic title they give themselves. Natch he likes the gypsies. Never mind the full on clash that comes from lawlessness when it comes up against law. It's all about him.

A more sympathetic portrayal of lawless nutters who have, as their life's philosophy, a contempt of lawful folks who work and pay for their property, I have not seen, since that stupid recent BBC 'Holidays in the Danger Zone:America was here' all about Nicaragua featuring hagiographies of embarrassing 4 foot tall Central American old men proud of themselves for making their country a joke with their Sandinista nonsense.

Jeez Loo Eez. Look at this cover page from the BBC and tell me, in all honesty, that you cannot smell the left-wing stench rising from this steaming pile of anti-American bullshit.

Pardon my language, Andrew Jaspan editor of The Age - I am being awfully coarse.

But really, what is it with these lousy "journalists" who cannot for the life of them put something together which is even handed?

The way to put that Foreign Correspondent show together properly, competently? Pretty simple atchully. Open by explaining the numbers of gypsies and travellers in England, and where they come from.

Having declared that most are Irish, turn to camera wearing a blank expression, and raise right eyebrow.

I mean, Irish. And frikkin' gypsies to boot.

E-Nuff said.
:: WB 4:33 am [link+] ::

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