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:: Saturday, 4 June 2005 ::

Sunday Morning

Just caught Mandy Vanstone on the Channel 10. She was being challenged on immigration stuff by some coke-bottle-eyed and I will wager fat assed feminist journo (you can just tell she is a feminist by the too slutty shade of lipstick and the short yet somehow filthy looking hair, you know?) and Brian Tooehy.

The girlie declared the immigration department a 'shambles' cos of Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez Williams Solon Shabadoo, or whatever her many names are.

Mandy smacked down the 'shambles'. It is as excessive and stupid a reference as is gulag to Guanatano Bay by the imbecilic Irene Khan of Amnesty internation.

It is not a 'shambles' if most everything goes right. It is a problem and a failure but hardy a 'shambles.

Then Toohey launches into habeus corpus.

A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another's detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences.

He was obviously referring to the fact that some folks in mandatory detention, who have entered Australia without legal authority and have been caught out at this illegal activity which spits on our law, are being held quite legally without being able to go anyplace else cos no one else wants them.

Or maybe he was not.

After all, like most worthie luvvies he confuses legal detention and persistent detention at the election of the detainee as a result of continued legal appeals, with a habeus corpus matter.

Mandy did not smack this down hard enough. I am guessing that this is because there are not enuff hours in the day, days in a year etc to ever explain to a close-minded leftie, that it is no bad thing to lock up folks who shit on our law.

Even if they have little kiddies with them.

And before youse fill the email box with expletive laden rubbish about how you are shocked, shocked, that as a wog I have so little sympathy with wogs of other stripes who are in detention, ask yourself what the hell you mean?

Is that what you think of all wogs? That we are all just illegal and here only cos of your largesse, your luvviness, the largesse and luvviness of our skippy overlords?

Gi Fa.

We're here cos we are Australians too.

Wog Australians.

Then she was asked - how come 2 Aboriginal folks turned their backs on you at your speech this week? To which she politely lied and said she had not noticed them, thus closing off the question.

But the real answer would have been "How the hell would I know? Maybe they do not like fat white chicks. It is not as if turning your back is particuarly communicative of an idea or concept or suggestive of a solution for change. It is just a selfish petulant 'look-at-me-look-at-my-back' gesture that gets us precisely nowhere."


Reconciliation as it gets treated in the media is so earnest and boring. I mean, fancy asking about the two folks with their backs turned, and not asking about the hundreds who sat up straight and listened and had stuff to say.

That was one dud panel, Pauly Bongiorno - you know it. Never ever have that dull woman or Brian Toohey on again.

Anyhoo, next on the show was a unbuhleevable boring union hack called Bill Shorten.

What a tedious and earnest n........

Oh, pardon me. I nodded off. Something about how the tax cuts are unfair and rich people who pay a lot of tax should not get a tax cut cos poor people .....oh, I cannot fathom such rubbish. And the questions were few and far between although I think, through my sleepy eyes, Toohey might have said something about 'four elections lost in a row, is it not time to pull the finger out' about the Labor party.

But he was talking to a union hack.




Labor. Unions.


If that doesn't make your eyes glaze over, you are made of stronger stuff than me.

Now, off to the other shows.
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