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:: Friday, 1 July 2005 ::

Judge Sandra Day O'Connor on the US Supreme Court has resigned.

She will need to be replaced - cannae be having an empty seat on the Supreme Court.

Democrats, who lost the 2004 election and are the minority party in the US government because less people were moved to vote for them than were moved and voted for Republican candidates including 2-nd term US President George W. Bush, have been refusing to consent to the appointment of certain judicial nominees put up by the Bush administration.

A "compromise" position was reached recently whereby Democrats agreed to consent provided the nominee in question is not seriously unconsentworthy.

For real - that was the extent of the "compromise".

As in, it was an imprecise resolution that was no compromise at all.

Sack the folks who wasted time with that.

And as Judge Andrew Napolitano, who I think totally rocks, legal commentator on FoxNews, has just answered the question "what does seriously unconsentworthy actually mean?"

Answer: "Anybody who Senator Ted Kennedy does not like".


The man who, as this Wikipedia entry says, was driving the car that went off a bridge and overturned into the Chappaquiddick river, killing Mary Jo Kopechne . The incident resulted in Mary Jo's death cos Ted Kennedy was drunk and cos he did not save Mary Jo, instead saving himself.

I got no problem with self-preservation. It is not the lack of heroics that makes me hate the guy. Lord, I am as yellow as the next person even if the next person is Ted Kennedy.

It is the fact that, after a trauma of this sort, he has the gaul to demand respect.

I reckon he should be slumped in a bar somewhere, living lean, doing quiet good deeds for folks, with maybe a bad case of some serious disease and maybe a neighbour's kid who likes him, and hangs around with him, but who is occassionally disappointed by the drunkenness and unreliability.

You know.

Not daring to be the arbiter of who can be a judge on the US Supreme Court and who cannot.

I mean, Chappaquidick, man. Have some shame.
:: WB 5:39 pm [link+] ::

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