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:: Thursday, 28 July 2005 ::

No Transcript

Last night I was watching some wog freak - a Muslim, sorry to be so awful about it, but he was just appalling, giving a streetside interview to heaps of press in England after the arrest in Birmingham of one of the 4 unsuccessful bombers from 21 July.

And he was all blah blah Tony Blair lies, the process is not transparent no proof of Muslims involvement in the Bombs and Osama binLaden is from the CIA and blah blah, sounding just the idiot Taliban when the US demanded they hand Osama over after September 11, all 'oooh, where is your proooooof....".

Just like the Talibanners only slightly better dressed.

Fantabulous Harry's Place has noted the insanity of the madman in the UK so youse can see his words.


Then I went upstairs and turned on the ABC radio and heard Lateline Tony Delroy interviewing 3 wogs, Muslims, about stuff.

Natch I cannot find a transcript which is a shame cos it was a real good show and I would have liked to go through it more carefully, but here is the link for the show if you want it to use the audio they offer.

The 3 wogs were Nadia Jamal, a Lebanese Muslim who has written a book about being Leb, some guy Mustafa doing his PhD in something but I did not catch any nationality or background if any was mentioned, seemed he was just presented as a devout muslim man with a PhD and some Baroness Pakistani lady on the phone from the UK, member of the Liberal Democrats.

The interview was wide ranging and seemed involved 3 lucid people of the Muslim faith who had, if I can recall it right, 3 basic attitudes:
Baroness - we need legislation, Muslim youth are disadvantaged and they are outraged by double standards when the West supports some Muslims but not all but bottom line there is no excuse for bombing;
PhD - the clerics who preach politics and not true Islam have to be stopped by other clerics preaching the right stuff because there is no excuse for bombing and making up excuses is wrong wrong wrong;
Author - it is really hard to be Muslim and Leb and headscarves should be able to be worn if you want to but bottom line bombing is wrong and there's no excuse no matter how hard you think you'e got it.

Not bad when you put 'em all together as an antidote to the raving madman in the UK on the telly earlier.

Plus they each acknowledged that Muslims do segregate themselves from wider society whenever new communities are set up, so they can hardly complain about being ghettoised when they do it themselves.

One thing I was sorry they did not explore was a brief reference by one of the 3 questioning why young men 'go back to the village' of their parents.

I mean, g'uh.

It is a wog thing.

How can you spend every day, morning at toothbrushing, evening at toothbrushing staring into the mirror knowing you know your life but only one part of it cos your skin is stretched full of the DNA, your veins filled with the blood of another geography you have never yet seen. And alls ya gotta do ta see it is jump on a cheapo plane, fly cattle class for too many hours and you are there.

Natch, wogs go to visit the 'homeland'.

It explains a lot to wogs. explains how come ma and Pa are so craaazy. Goodlooking. Short. Ya know? Whatever. It explains stuff.

Anyhoo, I digress. Seems to me that there is a 4th element to crushing this Muslim insanity with the dreams of caliphate and the bombing and the self-pity and the conspiracy theories and blah blah, you know, the madness and it is this - publicising it.

Exposing it to the ridicule and contempt it deserves. The idiot's own words at that streetside press conference condemn him. No risk of defamation for thos of us who publish and republish the rubbish. They are his own words in context on telly in front of the press.

Keep showing them. Keep interviewing him. Until he cracks like a big ol' nut, which is what he is.

Eventually the echo chamber of the mosque, the ruthlessly ruled country, the whole Middle East, Arabic press, will collapse and the sounds of complaint and disgust from teeny folks like bloggers and millions of others in the West (ie not the Muslim 'ummah' - yetcht, what a horrible thought for a Roman Catholic) will penetrate.

Just as it did in Europe with the wholesale change to the Catholic Church wraught (or achieved if ya prefer) by Johanes Gutenberg and his press, so Islam everywhere is going to get seriously affected by 24 hour cable news and the internet.


Hmmmm. Now, if I recall right the couple centuries after that were pretty bloody. In Europe where most of the printing was going on.


Yah, but working on the theory - wholly homemade so take it as a given, natch - that everything these days takes a third of the time that every thing in the olden days took, I would say this Islam-learning-that-it-is-just-a-religion-and-not-actually-the-be-all-and-end-all-of-life-on-the-planet and therefore stopping with the violence should be done in about, oooh, between 60 and 80 years.

Urgh. And there I was getting all optimistic for a second.

Here's hoping I am wrong about the timing, eh?
:: WB 5:02 am [link+] ::

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