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:: Wednesday, 6 July 2005 ::


A letter in today's Sydney Morning Herald, all about the union scare campaign about changes proposed by the elected Howard government who happens to hold a slim majority in the Senate following the election:

How do you negotiate work conditions when you have no access to unfair dismissal laws?

Emma Ashton, Marrickville

See that? Do you see it?

Emma means:

I need unfair dismissal laws that protect me from getting sacked for doing my job poorly because the laws frighten my small business employer into thinking he/she cannot sack me without me traipsing off the Industrial Relations Commission and natch I will go there cos alls I care about is the low bar set for sacking blah blah blah notice how I could not give a good goshdarn about anything to do with actually performing my job well in return for my pay?

What is her problem?

Small business folks employ bunches of working folks in Oz and the new industrial relations laws are focussed on 100 employees or less, apparently, cos the laws have not been announced to date and the unions are getting their scare bullshit in early.

Emma of Marrickville asked a question and the answer is this:

By reviewing your conditions and making sure your employer and you understand what it takes for you to do your role well, and what will happen if, hopefully it never happens, the employer needs to sack you cos he/she cannot support your salary with their business.

By being collegiate, by thinking, by understand your role in the workplace and the wider Oz world. By understanding you do not have a right to a job and that some workplaces are better run than others.

Jeez, buy not being an anti-employer jackass.

By stopping listening to the Oz union movement cos it has nothing to offer anyone these days. Nothing. Just another rostered day off, that's all the union is good for. And you will notice, the focus is not on actually working.

Emma's employer might ask:

How do you negotiate work conditions with a new or even an existing employee if their head is full of union bullshit about having a godgivenright to keep their job even if they do it poorly or the business cannot afford them?

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