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:: Tuesday, 9 August 2005 ::


Car pics of greenery divine on a perfect Cornish B road. There were hedgerows and everything. I passed a Screech Owl sancturary amnd some place called Porkellis or something like that, and a Digger's Rest pub (can yuh buhleevi?). And all the while Cornish roilling hills o0f green and too many Coirnish tractors laden with horseshit - pardp me, but I am riding in a Morgan, right? So escaping the aroma of the countryside is not an option for me.

But the criticalest thing of all on today's journey was the finding of and consuming of a Eccles Cake.


Not gonna be doin' that again anytime soon, I can tell ya.

Found a Giant Eccles Cake, not just the regular for me, and wondered at its sort of not quite opaque pastry and presumed fruity filling

as I thought, raisins, en masse which should be nice but

somehow manages to look like a flyblown patty of pale dirt....with a not altogether different flavour sadly.

No sir. The Eccles Cake is not for eating in my view. Unless and until I find a seriously recommended homemade varietal somewhere in my travels I shall be shunning this "foodstuff".

Happy road fun today was had with Adrian. He was ina big old Citroen, all surfboard ladenwith bikes at the back and I was kinda following him on the A30 towards Exeter from Penzance. He had been watching holding the camera out and just clicking away, and when he stopped for gas I happened to satop too and he came up and we had a top chat about the car, about the postage stamped size of the Uk abnd how it is a good thing it is filled with things to see cos otherwise it would be a 5 minute stopover joint on account of its teeniness. Very nice bald man. Painted black fingernails, which is never a good look. But hey.


Now, out the door here in Somerset to try me some cider cos I am in cidertown, Taunton, staying at a 15th Castle converted into, get this, The Castle Hotel. Just like Oz naming rules. The Hotel is stupendously gorgeous - pics in tomorrow's posting, along with sightings on the road to Hereford.

Thanks for all the emails, too. Really appreciate it.

Out peeps.

Oh, and if you are wondering, there is no Beast of Bodmin Moor.

There is nothing on Bodmin Moor at all. I took a pic and blogger is exhausted so whatever. Nothing. On account of it is a Moor. I shall revisit it on the way back, along with Dartmoor so maybe I'll sight some life yet. But whoo, blasted desolation for like, a couple miles. Orunno why the English don't pave it....kidding kidding Englanders.
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