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:: Thursday, 11 August 2005 ::


Busy busy busy day.

Needed to fuel up on black pudding and Glouscester Old Spot sausage and mushroom and eggs and some sort of apple potato patty, I kid you not...

...for the walk half a block down to Hereford Cathedral which is a stunning delight of a building in reddish stone.


Also needed the fuel to enable sufficient ambulatory activity down to Hereford cattle markets, for auction fun and farmer wisdom. Not much cattle action to be had, sadly. October, apparently is the month for Hereford cattle auction fun.

But plenty of sheep auction action was to be enjoyed.

Here we go

Look everybody. It's the Wog Blogger.

This one seemed to be pleading for an escape but I was too busy poking its fluffiness to care.

The auctioneering exercise is something to behold. Two blokes walking along a plank above, yes above, the sheep pens getting auctioned orf. Lucky them being up on high cos, down low, while close to the creatures was fun, was also slick with shit, not to put too fine a point on it.
Rear view auction action. Nice.

And here is one magnificent ram specimen who was up for sale.
He's got it goin' on and on. And he knows it.

Doubly exhausted.

Back to hotel room, then, for packing and hitting the road.

Close as I could get. Ah well. Hot Hereford action will just have to wait for next time.

Mucho driving in the afternoon, along perfect A roads, through Ludlow - gorgeous but no stopping and no point and click car camera action either.

Got in very late to an Elizabethan hotel property with moat and swans. One gin and tonic later watching swans waddle and then much needed rest.

This gorgeous hotel moo was a nice touch at dusk outside my bedroom window.

Not nearly so lovely first thing at dawn, but, with the chewing and the cud and all.

Sheesh. Nature is really noisy.

Other stuff was done this day, very special stuff, but that is for the next post....
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