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:: Saturday, 13 August 2005 ::


This leg of the LE JOG journey was supershort involving a quick power along a motorway. nothing interesting to see, not even cars.

Why such a short hop, and not a proper drive up to say, Carlisle, or somewhere along Hadrian's Wall?

Why, because of siren lure of him of course. And his superenchanting wife.

Dinner with The Norm. Who in their right mind would pass that up? A mighty civilised affair replete with home cooking. Even pudding, which I am so not used to. Yum.

What could possibly be better than to meet up with a bloggy buddy on the other side of the planet, and at short notice too?

Pretty cool, this interwebnet thingy.

Anyhoo, Manchester is a drizzly and grey town. Bleak, chilly.

And that's just how me and the Oz cricketers want it.

Went for a wander this morning to check out the Cathedral - as you may have gathered, I do like a Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral is a 15th Century pile

with some spectacular wood work going on inside

but it deeply disappointing because it is filled with a bunch of modern religious art which is, not to put too fine a point on it, crap.

To my eye, it wrecks what should be an archtectural masterpiece and a spiritual haven.


Walking around afterwards, in search of a Chip Butty for breakfast, the rain was coming down, albeit softly, and it makes all the glass and steel in the modern archtecture of the city centre look so very cold.

I understand the desire for light but in a grey zone, glass and steel looks so uncomfortable, dontcha think?

Whatever. It is still a vibey top town, ol' Manchester, and I shall have to revisit.

No chip butty was found.

But I think the the substitute was pretty darned okeedoke.

Now, for the huge leg Manchester to Glasgow.

No choice today, roofy roofy on the Mog is de rigeur. I am bracing myself for a claustrophobic experience.

Out peeps til later.

O, afore I forget. Last night I met Geoff Boycott. He was waiting for his ride in the foyer of the hotel just like I was waiting. Not much taller than me and in remarkable shape for an older gent.
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