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:: Sunday, 14 August 2005 ::

WOG MOG LE JOG - Glasgow

Afore I forget, on the drive up to Glasgow there were many many motorway sheep
and many motorway moos

but 80 mile an hour speeds were making motorclickpics a risky business what with the sliding in the rain and all the fear and stuff going in the Mog cabin.

But once in Glasgow I was able to spend some time "savouring" a "local delicacy"
the Scots Pie, which seems to me to involve a hard crust pastry shell with lid and a squirt of meatlike substance inside.

Delicious in the I-do-not-want-to-know-the-provenance-of-this-foodstuff kinda way, you know?

Walking off the stodge of that breakfast pie - I know it is not meant to be breakfast but I am in and out of this joint and got not time for culinary niceties, right? - I made my way to Sty Mungo's Museum of Religious Art for my devotional visit to

Dali's Crucifixtion of Christ of St John the somethingorother - I forget just now

as I am tapping away in the hallway of my hotel on the only broadband connection in this joint. A magnificent painting that can be stared at for hours and hours. Man was mad but such a genius. One of my favorite paintings of all time, as for my Ma. So this pic is for you Ma if you're reading.

Then it was orf for the obligatory Wog visit to the Cathedral. A filthy black imposing pile not yet open for bizness so no interior shots, dang a ding dang. Next visit, I guess.

Then the pilgrimage was commenced, down the Suckeyhole Street (spelled Sauchiehaul or somesuch) to find the famous tea rooms designed by Charles Rennie MacIntosh, Glasgow's most famous designey son.

But not for the design he did for the tearooms.


For the Haggis Neeps and Tatties at £5.95.

And no, I did not eat it first and then take a picture. This is just what it looks like.

Like the Scots Pie, surprisingly tasty, for all the revoltingness of its appearance.

A little offally but hey, that's basically it.

Glasgow boxes duly ticked, orf I went to Inverness.

Highland country.

And you know what lives in the highlands don't you?....
:: WB 2:31 pm [link+] ::

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