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:: Tuesday, 16 August 2005 ::


Mucho time spent relaxing today in hotel room of luxury. But to update, the trip into Edin burgh from the north takes you across a bridge next to that famous weird looking bridge,

captured here on Mog-at-speed cam.

And it is a pretty easy city to navigate, so finding

The Scotsman hotel was not too much of a chore.

Happy chats about the mog with the conciergey folks, woh took him off to lock him up for the afternoon and night, all snug somewhere in the bowels of the building, I think.

The hotel is located in the old Scotsman newspaper building so it is all marle and wood panelling and, interestingly, hatches beside every room, so you can get stuff delivered without opening the door to anyone. mebbe they were the old hatches where the copy got delivered. Who knows? I can't be asked to ask. I just like the whole concept of no people interraction at all, if you want to avoid it. Just phonecalls, or maybe even just text messages to room service.

After several hours relaxation and bloggy attempts and email checks etcetera, got on the mov to see some of the town.

Blogger is refusing to upload the image of the castle lit up at night. Suffice it to note such pics are a dime a dozen as befits a structure of long standing.

This, on the other hand, has a less futureproof and ongoing feel about it.

So, the editorial picture choice is a simple one.

O-kee, as the locals might say. I am done for the night. Spent some time out tonight at a festival thingy. Made the mistake of going to see a Yasmin Alibhai Brown discussion about multiculturalism instead of the Iranian comedian I was thinking of seeing. Urgh. Left everything a bit late. Still, I got to give her a resounding "booo" as she snidely sounded off that Nick Cohen is "deranged" and "a racist" and "every thinking person is againt the Iraq war".

She is a toxic wog, that one. Doesn't want to call herself "English" even though she is. Prefers "British" whatever the f*ck that is.

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