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:: Friday, 16 December 2005 ::


If you can make it through this confused bit of...orunno, I think it is wog-whinineg from the Daily Telegraph and get some sort of point, well, Gunda Din and all that.

The writer is lumping all wogs into what has happened in Cronulla and Maroubra over the last week.

As if the original violence at Cronulla was committed by all wogs and the violence the following Sunday was directed at all wogs.

As if any discussion of multiculturalism and its flaws somehow makes all wogs the scapegoat and ought to be censored or something.

No, mate. I know plenty of Italians agree with Blainey et al.

It is not Italians, not us Italian wogs, who are getting blamed. Not Greeks, Spaniards, Portugeezers either.

This is all about Muslim Lebs.

Let us try this test, eh? How about a headline "It's too easy to blame Muslim Lebs"?


Yeah, you see the point now, right? Cos quite frankly they are to blame. And that fact, that they are to blame, does not detract one iota from crazy skippy violence so stop yourself pegging me asna apologist for it, cos I am not. It should be easy to blame them when they are to blame.

Muslim Lebs who caused all the ruckus over years and in particular with the gang rapes, and the beach insults, vulgarity and intimidation and the stuff on Sunday two weeks back, and they are to blame. They did run off to the mosque and then on their car smashing rampage for several nights.

They got their apology from skeggie skips (surfers) at Maroubra and still they rampaged.

The writer, Joe Hildebrand, I think thinks he is making the point about policing but ends up referring to, get this:

Where there are cultural concerns such as the often oppressive treatment of women in sections of the Muslim community, we can show a better way by teaching these kids in our schools that sexism is wrong and unacceptable; by leading by example in our own behaviour; by presenting a society that does not tolerate such treatment of women. Is it so unthinkable that things might change? Remember it was only a few decades ago that white Christian society was not so different. In some pockets it's still only a hijab away from a carbon copy.

See it? The traditional weak-as-piss apologetic of criticising anglos and Christianity instead of keping up the criticism of Muslim Leb behaviour.

Takes all the focus off the actual Muslim Leb scumbags who started it all.

No way is this writer a proper wog.

Wogs are into remembering how shit starts. It is our thing.

Muslim Leb vulgar violent men and their apologists and protectors (as opposed to Mulsim Leb who are not vulgar and violent and who do not protect those who are - sadly we never hear from them and I worry maybe there actually are not any, but I cannot be right, I mean statistically, that cannot be right) are the problem. Their allegiance to violence, chauvanism, misogyny, assault, bad haircuts, crap music and really bad cars is a major problem. Are they going to change with time and social studies classes? Maybe, but who cares?

They are mostly on their way to jihad or prison or both.

They have been allowed to misbehave by their parents, who are culpable as all wog parents are cos wog parents form a big part of all wog life, whether the wog kiddies, Italian, Leb or otherwise, like it or not, and by the coppers who are by turns too sensitive to this multiculti bullshit and full-on frightened of stirring up the Muslim Leb maniacs, as Prof Bunyip notes.

Two swords and a dagger found in a car seized in the last day or maybe two since the coppers got their big new powers.

Swords and a dagger - you reckon that was a skippy car? Come on.

There is a frickin' problem with some wogs in Sydney and it is shamefuly too easy for wankers like Joe Hildebrand not to blame them.
:: WB 6:56 pm [link+] ::

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